My Failed Attempt Switching to Linux
Adam Hawkins

I am on my fifth Linux machine in the past 10 years and never had this issue (even converted quite number of people all these years without any gripe from them).

As mentioned in many of the comments — you have picked up advanced tech-savvy distros to install on cheap hardware which is a recipe for disaster (even after 10 years of Linux usage, I would never dare using them)

In the last two years, I have imported one System76 desktop and a Galago Pro laptop, both high specs (6 core + 64GiB + 256GiB M.2 HDD desktop, 2 core + 32GiB + 256GiB M.2 HDD laptop), exceeds macbook or win10 devices (i already had additional storage, up to 4 TiB).

Sparing battery not lasting more than 3 hours, I haven’t encountered any issue.