Imagine a digital gumball machine, but instead of gumballs it’s actually a digital jukebox that prints CD’s, DVD’s and Vinyl copies of anything you want, but it’s small enough and cheap enough to set up in tiny independent music stores, bookshops and other small venues.

Digital music and film printer with a big glass dome like a gumball machine and USB ports

This is not about integrated marketing for iTunes or Spotify or some magazine conglomerate who wants to get into music and film distribution.

I want to offer independent musicians and filmmakers the opportunity to print small quantities of their products to sell or send to industry professionals whenever they want to do that at an affordable price. These content creators can then have their customers use the same machine to print copies at retail price. The shop is paid the same small fee per sale regardless of who buys what.

I want to offer people a chance to buy any song or movie they want, without the slightest worry about whether it’s in stock or not, because they can order it online and pick it up at their nearest shop. Better still, customers buy music in a physical format on impulse and they can watch the process of the music being burned and printed on the physical item of their choice through the glass of a digital gumball device. So, when people come to Ashford Fringe Festival and listen to our band perform the theme song ‘Is There Life On Mars?’, they can print copies of our music from any nearby music shop or venue with a digital gumball machine.

Who knows, it might slow the decline of CD sales when people are no longer limited by what’s on the shelf if licensing issues can be resolved. That’s why I propose only working with independent bands and filmmakers. is making it possible for these fantastic people to upload and store their stuff on our website for free. We’ve found some shops in Kent that will allow us to set up and test the machines. Today, it’s still just an idea, but we’re moving closer towards a solution in distribution.