KATFM is a Not-For-Profit company, but we’re not Against-Profit either

I’m the founder of a small company called Kent Arts Television Film Music. We provide practical help at the most grassroots level possible to working professionals in the creative and performing arts. One of the things we do is provide affordable spaces for people to rehearse, teach and meet clients.

It’s difficult to find a place that allows one to teach jazz or tap dancing, meet-up with bands all hours of the night to rehearse and record their music, set up and run comedy classes, make movies and live theatre productions on a shoestring budget and other activities such as these.

Creative people can be really noisy. We set up Ashford Arts Centre in the summer of 2015. The centre provides spaces for a record label, recording studio, dance studio, music tuition studio, film studio and tiny theatre. The project is self-funded and self-sustaining.

KATFM is now looking to open arts centres in other towns across Kent due to demand for space from small and micro-sized businesses hoping to be part of our community. We will soon be able to open performance opportunities to artists in our small theatres and regional festivals. But there’s one thing I hope to provide that I lack the technical understanding to create. Now it’s time for a brief musical break, because if it was up to me we’d be jamming to that ‘Old Time Music’ on vinyl, cassette tapes and maybe CD’s.

We’ll run our first events in our first arts centre in the summer of 2016. We’ll start with a small comedy evening on March 18th, it’s a warm-up event for the Ashford Fringe Festival May 28th to June 5th. If you’re in Kent, this is an event you don’t want to miss. If you’re not in southeast England, keep an eye and ear open for us. We’re the people behind The Great Unknowner’s movement. You’ll be hearing about that soon enough.

KATFM.org.uk is where you can find us online. We are not about profits. We are about bringing together and helping people who are very creative but not necessarily business focused. http://katfm.org.uk