Tribal Truth

They told me I was better, that God had given me truth,

I was white, educated and civilized. The Bible was my proof

That I was the chosen people, the right color and the breed

And I had special knowledge that anyone could read,

But only few would understand the way that God would show

We would know by the name of the church, and if you were white

It mean’t you weren’t the foe.

Because that meant we descended from Israel and somehow that was best

I don’t remember why, but some tribes were better than the rest.

It reminds me of Dr Seuss and his wisdom of the sneetches

With stars upon thars and their magic machines on the beaches.

So, I never understood how a book could mean the difference.

Could there really be a God who fit into this inference

Could it really be that life in this country was bad until we, white Christians came?

The white man with the Bible, who began to show tribes shame

Shame in wearing nothing. Quick let’s cover up.

No more tribal dances around the fires naked.

That is just corrupt.

What if the stories I heard are wrong and what if I’m to blame?

The white man with the Bible who came bearing pain

What if “In God We Trust” on our money, which I thought it all meant good

Brings pain to others who know the truth and the pain coming from MY hood

What if the comforts of white Christians has not been based on love

But on violence, rapes, and conquests.

That just doesn’t sound like it’s from above!

What if the tribal ways were more pure?

What if WE are to blame?

What if it was healing to dance naked in the rain?

What if the food they ate was straight from Mother Earth?

What if they made decisions based on spirit since their birth?

What if WE are the enemy, each of us to blame?

And what if the way we heal it is to grow to love our own name?

What if the way to heal the ugly natures we see outside

Is to close our eyes and meditate. There’s nowhere we can hide

Because the answers to the ugly all lie inside our soul

We are the enemy to conquer, and both ends of the pole

Of black and white and color. We learn to love it all

We love ourselves for all our parts, dark and light, and big and small.

Loving ourselves is how we heal this planet once and for all

The darkness isn’t outside yourself, it’s inside YOUR wall.

So see the part you play and recognize it’s you that needs to heal.

The power is inside. You can stop the hamster wheel

The pointing fingers, screaming anger at the wrongs you see outside.

It’s me that I’ll be healing. There’s nowhere I can hide.

The more I say I’m sorry, thank you, ask for forgiveness and share love,

The more I notice my being radiate with light from above.

The more I really feel my sadness, anger, rage and fears

And shed it all with yoga, breathing out and crying tears

It leaves my vessel cleaner and stronger than the day before

I can face the world with smiles and strength to walk through every open door.

I know the world’s problems are all because of me

I feel the oneness between us. We aren’t really he or she.

We are all right on track in our journey to awake

We trigger and we heal each other for a higher divine sake

To recognize the oneness in which we all reside

Separated only by humanskinsuits and our pride.

So I will be healing me, but really it is us

And every time you cry or run or even cuss

I thank you for releasing because you do it for all of us.

We are all the tribal past AND the white conquering men

We are all the future peacemakers and that is how we win.

Rise and shine tribal brothers and sisters!

It’s time…….

….to wake up to love!