America Can’t Fix Big Problems
The Atlantic

Of course. The system has kept us moving forward, slow but steady. It is solid. Stability is its strength. People are not.

I do agree that grass-roots involvement is the key. Be aware though that majority choice can push us in the wrong direction, or off a cliff at worst. Doing nothing accomplishes the same. The German lesson with the Nazis, one among many such. Unless there is a moral compass set to true north, that sends the rest down the tubes. The people problem, mass scale, again.

Living for decades outside the US I have seen other nations fighting the same battles. This is by no means an American phenomenon. Most Americans only see themselves. So much unlearned from the success and failures around us.

Look around. The rest of the world is also trying to hide out from the Climate problem. Not much way to prepare for that one, even if we knew how. Someone in the scientific world needs to take the lead on that one. There is not much vision. Without vision, the people perish.