A Calculated Response
Erika Hall

I hope we’re applying this to the women too.

Well, not really. I agree with Dr. Huang. I don’t agree with the precepts of this modern version of feminism. I feel as if I slipped into a time-warp where Valerie Solanas still lives. This time around, sad to say, we seem to take the SCUM Manifesto seriously.

I strongly believe that a measure of good humor will do far more to challenge the ills of our culture than the current trend of viral hypersensitivity that ruins lives and careers.

If a man looks down your shirt, a gentle “hey, I’m up here,” may lead to mild embarrassment, but it’s a damn sight better than a lecture and a harassment complaint. Of course, if the recipient is unreceptive to correction — rare, in my experience — then stronger measures are called for, but that should be a backup plan, not a first strike.

Discernment is key — the clown who can’t control his mouth, his hands, his attitude does need firm, no-nonsense consequences, but a garden-variety lapse into human nature is more easily corrected with a just a touch humor and a measure of tolerance.

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