Remember to Slam the Door Behind You
Isaac Morehouse

I suggest you read “Chained to the Fast Lane in the Red Queen’s Race” by Harlan Ellison. (I believe a reprint of Angry Candy is due to be released in April, but used copies are available for very little.) Not that I like Ellison — I abhor him, actually — but he has a knack for unpleasant lessons.

For those who can’t be bothered to read old speculative fiction, then this:

As one who has slammed a lot of doors in her time, I advise caution. What feels good in the moment may not be so warm and fuzzy ten or twenty years down the road. And too, ten or twenty years down the road, you may (read “will”) find that you are a different person than the door-slammer in your past. I do not envy you the discovery that slamming some of those doors was a big mistake that you heartily regret.

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