As a Jew and a human being, I can’t imagine for the life of me wanting the leader of the American Nazi Party speaking in my child’s classroom
Why I’m Sick of Political Correctness*
Lauren Modery

It wouldn’t be the thrill of my life, but when you consider that our children (in my case, grandson) will often rum into this and similar brands of nuttiness, it might be best to have the first exposure occur in a controlled environment.

If kids are taught early how to deal with kooks, they’ll have fewer unpleasant surprises in life. They’ll also learn that they actually need to listen to lunatic ideas in order to formulate thoughtful, solid arguments against them.

I’m grateful I was born in the mid-20th, because I didn’t grow up overprotected and ignorant. We cannot continue to handicap our children by isolating them in false safety.

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