An invitation to settle #adblock matters with @Forbes, @Wired and other publishers.
Doc Searls

Wired wants too much money. It isn’t worth $52 a year. Not in 2016, anyway.

Tracking…meh. SUPERAntiSpyware does a stellar job of sending tracking cookies to a well-deserved ending place, but I don’t even care. If all these companies are so desperate to know my browsing habits that they feel compelled to stalk me, they’re welcome to the information. For all the good it will do them. Some of us still buy only what we need, and we’re not tempted by steals and deals and freebies.

What drives me crazy — thus, AdGuard — is when my fan goes into hyperdrive. The sites that trigger this annoyance don’t get whitelisted, and if it means I’m denied their content, so be it. The internet is full of redundant information, and exclusive, ad-supported, content usually comes down to opinion pieces. I have plenty of opinions of my own, so it’s no big loss.

My online memory goes back to 1989. From where I sit, it sure looks like we haven’t gained a whole lot of signal, even as we’re drowning in tsunami of noise.

Good luck. No doubt you’ll need it.