A call to action: your fat friend is going it alone.
Your Fat Friend

My last airplane flight was to move back home from the east coast, as I reserved an aisle seat besides being overweight I am slightly disabled in walking. The lady that was to sit in the middle seat came to my row of seats, looked down at me and at the top of her whining voice yelled at the stewardess that there was no way she was sitting next to a fat woman. The stewardess came up to where she was making such a commotion and asked her what the problem was, she proceeded to holler out as to why she refused to sit next to a fat person for hours on this flight. Me, I was just sitting there smiling up at her and the stewardess as she made a fool of herself. She then yelled out that she wanted to speak with a higher person then just the person who serves the food on this flight…. The stewardess said sure and took her towards the front of the plane and then promptly returned to me where she apologized for the ladies stupidity and asked me if we should just let her have this area by herself, well I was wondering what the stewardess had in mind. I said I guess do but I have never gave up a fight, she smiled sweetly and said, oh honey we aren’t giving up…. We are showing up! Okay, she peaked my interest now, so she helped me up the aisle to the front of the plane where I was seated in first class, given a glass of champagne and was apologized loudly enough so the lady that had caused all this could see she could have her seat now. The stewardess told the lady that instead of causing such a loud ruckus all she had to do was speak to someone with respect, the lady actually yelled at that stewardess for giving the fat woman a first class seat instead of her. The stewardess told her, well your problem was you weren’t happy about sitting next to that lady so I moved her so you could be happy. The stewardess smiled and turned around and left…. I was smiling the whole time and honestly, yes it bothered me a lot but there is not a damn thing one person would say to my defense so I just smiled to make them madder. I told that stewardess later that I appreciated her doing what she did and her response was…. You didn’t need to sit next to that!

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