How Positive Affirmations Can Actually Work in Your Favor

Positive affirmations are what I call “tricking the subconscious mind.” When stated in the present tense, even if you don’t really believe what you’re saying or hearing, positive affirmations (or mantras as I like to call them) start to sink into your brain. Eventually, your subconscious starts to think that this is you in reality. And then something magical happens.

Your logical mind starts to believe that this is really you. Or that it could be you. So then maybe you start to take some action too. Write someone an email to reach out and explore an idea you have. Start working on that project you’ve been putting off for a while. And you start to subtly do, act and say things that are aligned with this person you are pretending to be.

For me, it’s important that the affirmation I create, write and say regularly mean something to me. It needs to be something that feels good in my body and that gets my attention. For instance, “I am a joyful, spiritual being that attracts abundance in expected and unexpected ways” feels a lot better to me than “I am a happy person. I make money easily.” I like to put statements, pictures and words up on a vision wall in my bedroom (where I see it everyday), and in my wallet, and on my bathroom mirror (I read the statements aloud every morning and evening while brushing my teeth). This is another way to surround yourself, and project into the universe, with your luminous, future self in all possibly ways!

So, yes, it does have a lot to do with the law of attraction, which is one of many divine “laws.” There are others out there.. like that we have lessons to learn as souls (which is why sometimes the law of attraction doesn’t seem to “work”), and that it is important also for us to surrender, let go and simply enjoy the present moment.

It also has a lot to do with simply aligning our vibration, or the frequency that we give off as energetic beings, with the frequency of all of those wonderful potential realities that lie waiting out there for us. The more you verbally speak, FEEL and act as if you are already living the life you crave, you start to give off that vibration. And eventually other parts of your reality (unexpected abundance, job opportunities, loving relationships) start to find you to match your current vibration!

So it’s a funny paradox. We create the intention, align with it as much as possible, and then let go. Because feeling GOOD about our current circumstance is how we maintain a high vibration. Getting frustrated when it’s not working “fast enough” (which is common among us all — and it takes time for manifestation — especially if you have lessons to learn first or if it’s not part of our soul’s blueprint!) just lowers your vibration and blocks your potential reality from unfolding!

Oh, the joys of the magical wonders of life. So much to learn, so much to live.

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