Is Patience the Key to a Good Life?

Patience is one of my life lessons.

Wow! Great question! Patience is one of my life lessons so this really resonates!

I believe that while patience is important, it’s good to remember that patience doesn’t equal stagnation. Or complacency. We can be patient, and we can trust in ourselves, while also diligently working toward our goals, and staying aligned with a high-vibration life (keeping a check on any self-defeating thoughts) as much as we can.

The tricky thing is that, as with anything in life and in the natural world, it takes time for big dreams to manifest. Flowers don’t blossom overnight, and you don’t get up one morning and expect to be able to run a marathon without training over time to build up your strength and endurance. But you don’t also expect flowers to blossom without the added ingredients of sun and water, and you don’t gain muscle without putting in effort to exercise and lift weights. So some effort is required.

But, when we get impatient that things aren’t happening “fast enough,” that is when we might pause and realize that there might be something to be learned. That we need to develop trust in the process, and understand that our soul has a purpose, and that our life goals, while important, must also be aligned with our soul’s purpose (which I believe we establish before coming into this life — we just have no memory of this!). So if you really think that your soul purpose is to work your way up in your company even though you secretly are miserable there, well you’ll find that things might not work out that way. The universe (and your guides) will push you in the direction that you’re meant to go in! But you can choose to either listen or not (since we have free will).

Patience is a part of this grand puzzle of life, but only a piece of it. Trusting our intuition to help guide us along, to the right people, opportunities and places, will bring us all of the abundance, joy and happiness that we long for. As long as we learn our lessons (which sometimes come in challenging times) along the way.

I hope this was of help in some way.

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