Working Toward the Light

We must ask ourselves,… Do we really believe so many Americans support such hate? Do we really believe that our humanity has sunk so low? What kind of a system would allow such a person to be the major political party candidate? Do we really believe most Americans wanted this person? Why is our hand then being forced supporting the other candidate that many do not trust with good reason? When we know that the person that so, so many of us believed in, to create a healing revolution, seemed to sadly have been used.

We must hope and work toward a better system of government. The two-party system based on duality is not working anymore for us. A Big Mac or chips are truly our only lunch choices? We must demand change. We must not acquiesce to the fear being spread by the media, wanting us to believe that humanity is falling apart, when in fact there are many, many, many people doing incredible, healing work for each other and for the planet. The mainstream news is feeding our fears and our darkest selves and making us believe the world is an awful place. And it’s not. By quieting our minds, by trusting our inner selves by tapping into our breath.. the truth that lies within and around us will guide us.

We are all connected, we are all part of a higher consciousness. We cannot allow ourselves to be tricked any longer. We must stand up for ourselves. That is our hope. By aligning with who we really are and allowing our true inner light to shine all around. The light always overcomes the dark!

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