Your Energy is Sacred: Protect It!

All of this energy in the heavens and stars is most definitely having an effect on many of us. I am still absorbing all of this energy and integrating into my system. Lots of change coming, globally and personally.

And I find myself learning new things constantly. I have learned that I am picking up energy from others in my environment more than ever now these days, and that I need to regularly clear and cleanse. Daily salt baths are now going to be in place.

Some of you have asked me about this. How to better protect yourself from absorbing the emotions of others around us. Up until now, I have not realized how incredibly important this is. For people who are particularly open and intuitive, it can show up as unexplained sadness or anger that seems to come from nowhere. Or sudden periods of depression that you can’t seem to get out of. I have come understand that I need to ground, clear and call back in my own energy now about six times a day. That’s right, more than I brush my teeth.

It can take some discipline to start doing this, but once it’s a habit, it becomes easier. Constantly having to manage the energy coming at us all the time. But for me, now more than ever with my doing intuitive work, it is going to be a matter of living fully or living inertly.

Some tools I use for grounding my energy and clearing anything I want to release include:

- Protecting myself with a bubble of golden light and only allowing love to enter there

- Asking Archangel Michael to help cut any cords of attachment

- Visualizing my own sacred “room” to go to that is only mine

- Spending time outdoors, and placing my hands and bare feet on the earth

- Calling my energy back into my crown chakra

- Carrying around black tourmaline and other grounding stones

- Using sage smoke or essential oil

- Taking Himalayan salt baths to absorb negative energy (this one is particularly effective)

I have personally seen people become debilitated who are extremely empathic (or clairsentient). If you find yourself becoming exhausted by being around other people, or feeling unexplained emotions that don’t seem to be your own, then this is probably you. Unless you want to isolate yourself from humanity (which is not recommended I think), you will want to regularly cleanse and protect yourself from the energy of others. And know that it is perfectly okay to ask for loved ones to give you time alone (luckily I have a husband who understands this).

It is also important to get support from people who are like you. I personally have found myself feeling lonely at times, craving a community of people who are like me, who understand me and think the way I think. I have found a few people and for that I am so thankful. But when I don’t see them, I start to feel disconnected and isolated. I start to feel like I’m the only one seeing the world through the lens of a person who lives in an alternate reality much of the time. The result of a spiritual awakening, I suppose. And no matter how much we try to explain how we now view our world (as many illusions) and how we now view ourselves (as Divine beings connected to energy of all forms), it is next to impossible to “explain this” to someone. It is something that the person simply has to experience.

And this is why I am doing this work. To help people awaken to their true nature, to understand that we do not need to suffer any longer in any area of our lives. And that we can do this simply by quieting our minds and enhancing our intuition. For me, once I left my stressful job and started meditating, and doing research, a lightbulb went on one day, literally like a switch, and nothing has been the same ever since (this was about a year and a half ago).

If this is you, or starting to be you (seeing number sequences regularly is a sign by the way!), then please reach out for help to connect with others on a similar path. I happen to have a community of people that I facilitate called the Soulful Work Community. We gather twice a month, virtually and in-person (choosing either one), to learn together about various topics, meditate together, write about a specific idea/manifestation together, and verbally process together. It’s not really a support group, (although sometimes it can be!) but instead what I almost see as a spiritual community almost like that which one would find in a church. (So join us! We have just started meeting and would love to have you!)

With so many people in the world becoming disillusioned with traditional religion, fewer and fewer attend church. This is understandable (and I am one of those people), but what has been lost is the spiritual essence of who we are, in a community. Something’s missing without our spiritual core, as John Mayer alludes to in his beautiful song. Friends, career, health, fun, family… but who are we without our souls and an understanding that we’re part of so much more than just our physical bodies? It’s about connecting with something beyond our Ego-based selves. Without that, well.. many of us feel empty.

It doesn’t need to be this way.. but we won’t get the anecdote from our everyday society. If you’re still reading this far, then you might want to reach out to people to get support, and remember to protect yourself, and shield your energy, every single day when going out into the world. Love and only love enters here. And please know you don’t have to do this alone. I have tried and don’t recommend it. There are people filled with light and a desire to make things better like you who want to help.

With blessings, light and positive energy.