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University of Utah Crimson Gaming, 2017

Our researchers at AnyKey produced a white paper about Diversity and Inclusion in Collegiate Esports

We presented the paper, downloadable here, this week at the Collegiate Esports Summit as part of the UCI Esports Research Conference. Co-authored by our Director of Research, Dr. T.L. Taylor, and myself, this white paper outlines some of the fundamental challenges in the collegiate esports space, as well as opportunities and strategies for early intervention.

Ever since we started studying collegiate esports, we have encountered the same questions over and over. Some questions focus on issues around violence, the look of avatars, or even whether or not it makes sense to think about competitive gaming within an athletic framework. Others are concerned about the lack of diversity and trends of harassment seen in esports. College faculty and administrators are invested in supporting the education and quality of student life for all students on their campuses. …

The debate about women’s esports tournaments is older than the term “esports” itself but blooms anew every year, ageless and unchanged. DreamHack recently announced their $100,000 women’s CS:GO tournament for DreamHack Valencia 2019 and the arguments are near identical to those that cropped up in 2004 when women Quake players organized the Ms. QuakeCon event.

On the surface, the debate is understandable. Esports offers a competitive arena where physical strength and height have no bearing on the strategy and skill needed to win, and segregation based on gender is even being reconsidered in traditional sports. …


Morgan Romine, Ph.D.

Director of Initiatives for | Cultural anthropologist, researcher, and advocate working towards a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable world.

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