The Virtual Shift

The virtual shift is the move from brick and mortar to virtual office-space.

A large part of my living (and my non-profit work) consists of creating and managing social media campaigns, and understanding the nuances of how social media works.

It’s not just the mechanics, though. The underlying “why” is something that many businesses struggle with. “Why do we need social media?” For some reason, entrepreneurs who, at least in some part, were once ahead of the game, now struggle with understanding something as fundamental as “everyone you want to reach is on social media.”

Daily, I struggle with people who, while using my services, still can’t understand enough to even know how to let me do my job, let alone know how I do it in any meaningful way.

This can be frustrating, though I see a bit of where it stems from.

I’m also a member of different groups and forums around social media work and there the problem is far more palpable than the people smart enough to have a contract consultant do their social media.

The most pronounced thing that shows me how far we still have to go is that most of the positions people post require you to be local and work in their office.

Many people, of course, wouldn’t see this as a problem. I, however, do.

You see, the world is changing. Packing people in cubicle farms is a waste of resources, productivity, and talent. The environment sucks away real creativity and motivation like nothing else can.

In the world today there are some amazing, innovative entrepreneurs who are blazing new trails across the business world.

It’s long past time that the rest of the corporate culture caught up and realized that once you shed the restraint of locality, you open the doors wide to far greater talent, more diverse ideas, and the potential to take the next step beyond whatever level of productivity your company is at.

It’s time we moved closer to the age of the virtual office and leave behind the stagnant practices of those who came before us.