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If you buy a new car in Spain, you must have it checked again for roadworthiness in four years from the date of its initial roadworthiness check and enrollment.

In case you have a used car of four years or older in Spain, you must have it periodically tested for roadworthiness two years after the date of the last roadworthiness check. If the car is older than 10 years you have to obtain it checked every year.

A roadworthiness test doesn’t have to be conducted each time a car changes owner.

Should you register UK car in Spain your car as being a new resident in Spain, moving from another EUROPEAN country, you must take the roadworthiness check?

To ensure your car and its equipment function correctly and comply with safety standards, it must undergo the regular roadworthiness tests, which typically comprise the following bank checks:

Efficiency of windscreen or dashboard wipers and if one of the windows or mirrors are usually broken;
 Lights — indications, hazard lights, brake, reverse, license plate and also fog lights;
 Headlights — position of dipped-beam and also main-beam;
 Tiers — tread depth = 1.6 mm / correctly fitted with the correct type of tier, achievable defects;
 Rear-view mirrors — reflecting surface, fixation and change;
 Correct functioning of basic safety belts.

Procedure for spanish car registration
 You can sign-up your vehicle on the Jefaturas provincialesespañol in the community where you are resident.

To register an imported vehicle (new or perhaps used), you must submit these documents:

New vehicle: proof of VAT payment (model form 309 or 300 given by the Agencia Estatal Tributaria) or perhaps proof that you are governed by VAT and the certificate regarding conformity.
 Used car: original vehicle documents and also:

If purchased in a private owner, translated purchase agreement and proof of payment of the property transfer tax (Impuesto hun Transmisiones Patrimoniales).
 If purchased in a Spanish car dealer, invoice and a certificate given by the Ministry of Finance the dealer is registered as an official car dealer.
 If bought from an automobile dealer in another EU country, an invoice where the VAT number is clearly described.
 Certificate of conformity given by the ITV (Inspeccion Tecnica hun Vehiculos).

- Renewal (only if you change your address)

To renew the car registration Spain of your car, you can do it on the Jefaturas Provincialesespañol of the Basic Directorate of Traffic, Ministry of the Interior, and you need to submit the following paperwork:

Ask for the Proof of address change Vehicle paperwork: registration document and certificate regarding conformity.

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