Struggling Teacher, Turned Successful — Why Instructional Coaches /Mentors are Needed …

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My name is Richard Warren. Please don’t let my nice shirt , tie , briefcase , or smile mislead you . My life as a teacher, hasn’t always been the best . In fact , my first few years of teaching were the most stressful, draining , demanding , and time-consuming years of my life . I contemplated moving to different districts , private schools, and even considered leaving the teaching profession all together. In hopes that those decisions would somehow provide me with relief , recovery , and restoration that I so longed for . Things we’re really bad. I tried my hardest to fight through it , to stay strong , and to persevere . Until one day I reached my breaking point . This was it ! I reached the point where I thought I was done ! If I didn’t reach out for help or find a coach that could provide me with resources and training , my career would have went into black hole of despair never to return .

Fortunately, things started to get better for me when I found a coach who had excellent classroom wisdom . My coach literally revived my career! I was provided with classroom management techniques , effective lesson planning tips , methods for instruction , and hacks to take my life back . These encounters , experiences , interactions with my coach helped me to thrive and survive in the classroom . I am now rated as an exemplary teacher and considered a master educator among my colleagues. My current work with classroom management and student engagement has driven me into a lifestyle of creating learning environments that result in academic excellence. As a science teacher , I’ve yielded record breaking gains in State Assessment scores and contributed to a School-Wide decrease in discipline referrals .

I share my story , because I was able to overcome my struggles with the help of a coach who provided me with resources and training . Which eventually lead to my success as a teacher .

Maybe the beginning of my story , might be a lot like yours. Maybe you know someone that is struggling with the demands of teaching . Maybe there is someone out there that needs a coach like I did . If so , I am willing. I am willing to equip you and any teacher with the latest and greatest training , techniques , and tips to help you and any teacher survive and thrive in the classroom . A coach did it for me and I want to do it for someone else . It’s never too late to become a success story despite your struggles. Instructional coaches and mentors are needed more now, then ever. Do not be afraid to reach out ! Remember , no matter where you are , pre-service or in service , There is always New Teacher in you !

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