BANKEX Evidence-of-Asset Protocol Ecosystem

Project Description of BANKEX
Any transaction — conversion, transactions conducted between banks, legal entities and individuals can be done and can be trusted in disposal.

Many leading banks are in the process of developing their own crypto currency, which will help make financial transactions.

Bankex is a fintech foundation company, which develops technologies to digitize an asset with the help of a smart contract and blocking.

Bankex” itself is a protocol that solves the problem of liquidity of assets that can not be exchanged. Each token is equipped with a ratio of 1: 1. The Proof-of-Asset Protocol is inherently a combination of the BaaS (Bank-as-a-Service) technology and blocking technology.

BankEx is also developing a platform, do it with investors in improving liquidity in various sectors of the economy. So therefore, the BankEx token should be regarded as a very helpful investment in banking, not speculative instruments.

How Bankex in making a business in blockchain will become faster and much cheaper and very easy. They will also lower their resistance and size. This way of doing business is to open up new markets for commodity tokenisasi (gold, lithium, carbon, SME loans and so on) cheaper than 10 Billion Dollars.

Financial Technology (fintech), a term often used for the development of emerging digital technologies adopted in the financial industry, for example the modern model for greater quality and efficiency for consumers of financial services, and offers the possibility of risk reduction and reduced operating costs for service providers finance. . Medium and current

The main difference between the BANKEX Proof-of-Asset and other analog protocols is the ability for some types of assets because they have modular structures. Overview of BANKEX Proof — of — Asset Protocols to improve security and security. Protokollok in 4 main stages: digitalization, tokenisasi, trade of assets and transactions.

Token BankeX
For the operating system, an internal token will be issued, called. smart assets, through which can be able to digitize and attract investment for their assets, using global market opportunities. Tokens that support the ERC-20 standard are called Token BKX.

The team is very active in working on new innovations in the banking sector based on blockchain technology for some time. FinTech Lab they developed some very big and important products in the last 2 years and some contracts with banks and financial institutions. Locates a market of 3 fintech products: KYC, currency futures, and crowdfunding markets for those who are known and popular in the fintech sector as a winning team with 10+ prizes at several conferences. The messenger was made in the Etherum block. Earlier this year, Microsoft even accepted Bankex’s future potential and sang a partnership in the development of blockchain technology that gave Bankex sponsor $ 120,000 and provided them with a reliable platform for cloud hosting. All of this success is evidenced by Bankex’s listing in the Top 50 ranks of the Pathfinder ranking in IT finance 2016/2017.

About ICO
ICO BankEx in autumn 2017. During this time, 100–150 million BankEx tokens will be sold for $ 20 to $ 50 million, aimed at institutional buyers.
As many as 70 buyers take part in pre-ICO, trade geography covers 12 countries: Canada, Japan, Australia, France, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Norway, Croatia, Romania, Russia, Latvia. According to presale results, 6 million tokens PBKX sold, which is at the level of 1.08.2017 about 1.5 million US dollars. Token 90% is placed through private placement with entry threshold for buyer 10 bitcoin.

BankeX has a development strategy. Our target is the bank. BankeX believes this will turn to our technology, because traditional financial technologies are inefficient and inferior to new blockchain technologies when asset class completion.

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