Questioning the Core of Your Very Existence

There comes a point in life when we are all faced with the dreaded question “How did I get here” or “Why am I here? And what the hell does my life represent?” It’s scary stuff. We all bury the apprehension in the depths of our subconscious, we’re all doing it right now. Thankfully coming face-to-face with these dreaded questions can rattle you to your core and give you new meaning to your life. The best part — there is no wrong answer.

“Replace fear of the unknown with curiosity.”

The beauty of diversity is that it’s everywhere — in every opinion, personality, appearance, and perspective. In the depths of soul searching we all realize that everyone and their religion thinks they’re right, leaving the other 196.9 million square miles of earth populated with billions of people to be wrong. I’m not a statistician but it seems to me that no matter your philosophy, the odds won’t exactly be in your favor. But you know what, that’s beautiful. Diversity is beautiful. So why do we limit ourselves to one set of beliefs?

Lets take a step back here, religion originates from culture, and to assume your cultured religion is superior to any other religion is actually a racist perspective. Yeah, you heard it, the blood curdling word ringing through your ears. Racist. Not one religion has all of the answers — unless you choose to give it that power — and while this is a perfectly sound lifestyle, it is critical that you allow yourself to fully respect diverse perspectives. (Don’t make me say that blood curdling word again.) There is no “one truth”, every culture, philsophy, and religion have underlying truths to offer — don’t limit yourself, you’re allowed to copy, paste, add, and delete to your perspectives whenever you want to.

“They laugh at me because I’m different, I laugh at them because they’re all the same.”

We have already established that diversity is alive and…well — that is with one essential component — respect. And I mean an intense amount of respect, not the word you toss into a sentence to make it sound like you care. When you respect someone’s perspective, you understand them, you listen, and genuinely acknowledge there perspective as conceivable — because the fact of the matter is, their voice counts in the exact same way yours does. We are all just an effect of different causes — but that doesn’t make anyone wrong. No matter how diverse, we are all equal — I think it’s time we coexist.

When it comes down to belief systems, there’s one thing they all seem to have down — targeting their next generation of believers. If you grew up in a religious family, chances are you’re going to be religious — this limits your knowledge to just one way of thinking, you’ve been cut off from the rest of the world and the truths they have to offer — solely because you have been taught that your beliefs are superior to everyone else’s. (There’s that blood curdling word again. Racism.) The fact of the matter is, every religion has a cultural origin — just like yours — and every culture is just as dedicated to their religion as you are. So question the very foundation of your beliefs, look for those truths in other people, religions, and science. Don’t limit yourself because something contradicts with the belief system you’ve been taught to be superior, understand why it contradicts, and allow yourself the freedom to accept diverse perspectives. Just because your parents, grandparents, colleagues, and coworkers say it’s truth, it doesn’t have to be your truth.

Questioning the foundation of cultural beliefs is considered to be taboo — you will be criticized. Facing these concepts can be life changing for both you and anyone that is lucky enough to encounter your open-minded perspectives. So don’t be let down when someone claims they are sad for you, disappointed in you, or even angry with you — it’s likely they’re saying those things out of fear. Those same people will likely play the blame game, they’ll be convinced it’s a “faze” or that someone is responsible for changing you into something forbidden and unmentionable. When in reality we are all capable of individually thinking up these concepts. Believe it or not, you might even become their next conspiracy theory in Sunday school. The important thing to realize is that you’ve been courageous, you know that you’ve searched to the ends of the earth for answers, you dared to be different — that’s something the finger pointing critics still haven’t worked up enough confidence to do.