1 year into my Tesla Model 3 and 10,000 miles on the odometer. But what do I like and dislike on this electric car? What would I like to see on future software upgrades?

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Negative points of the Tesla Model 3

So lets have a look at the negative points of Tesla Model 3 ownership:

Positives of the Tesla Model 3

The positives outweigh the negatives, thats for sure. So lets have a look:

Something Else I love about Tesla Ownership

When my Grandad had a Land Rover, and I’m talking a 1973 Series III, everyone else who had Land Rover’s use to…

Since my article on 5 ways to get a car lease as an Expat in the UK, my personal inbox has been extremely busy with all sorts of different questions with regards to taking and Expat Car Lease.

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So I’m going to use this article to cover the most asked questions with regards to car leasing in the UK as an Expat.

What is an Expat Car Lease?

With someone who has no credit history in the UK, its extremely difficult or expensive to get accepted for a traditional car lease deal, however, there are a handful of providers in the UK that will help you.

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Driving Abroad

With more and more people wanting to avoid flying, the alternative seems to be utilising the Eurotunnel and Ferries with travel to France, Belgium, Netherlands and Spain.

But before you go, its important you’ve got everything in-place before you take your lease car off the UK mainland.

What is a VE103B?

It is a legal requirement when travelling into mainland Europe that you carry a V5C (Registration certificate) issued by the DVLA, however, when you have a rental or a lease vehicle, the main keeper is the finance house or suppliers.

This is where the VE103B come into effect. A VE103B is a “Vehicle…

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12-month car lease availability increases

Our short-term car lease range has always been impressive and Covid-19 pre-lockdown our website was pushing 450 fixed short-term contract offers.

As dealerships, funders and suppliers are starting to return to normality, our deals are expanding on all of our short-term products including flexi-rent and car subscription, but one area that has seen a massive boost, is 12-month car leases.

What is a 12-month car lease?

We currently offer 2 types of 12-month car lease, a flexible 12-month car lease which are not currently listed on our website and then we offer a fixed 12 month car lease, lets delve into the differences;

Fixed 12-month Car Leases

A fixed 12-month…

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Its been 10 months since I took delivery of the Tesla Model 3 Long Range, it has been, without a doubt, one of thee best cars I have ever owned. It has formed me into a Tesla Fanboy, I’m not going to lie.

Over the past few months, I have been racking my brains on what really works for the whole experience of owning a Tesla, not just the Model 3 but for all of the Tesla vehicles out there.

I have put together 3 of the items that you really must look into if you have taken the plunge…

It’s a difficult time for most people during this Government Lockdown due to the Coronavirus, and now the Politicians are telling you to go back to work but to avoid public transport, more and more people are turning to car hire.

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But, the downside with car hire any longer than a week or two, is that it can become really expensive but there are other ways to hire/lease/rent a car for a month.

  1. Long Term Car Hire — These are called a number of different things in the industry and includes flexi-rental, flexi-hire, long term car rental, etc. You hire…

With the UK government updating their guidelines on relaxing the lockdown, Boris has said that people can go to work if they cannot work from home.

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But, they must where possible, avoid public transport! Easier said than done.

So I have come up with three great alternative ideas to Public Transport:

  1. Purchase a Bike

Find out more about what I’ve put about each on my blog: 3 Possible ways to avoid public transport for the next month

The BMW X5 has always been a very popular car with many of our customers on both short term car lease and traditional contract hire. But now is a great time to really take advantage of the X5 on shorter car agreements.

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The BMW X5 was introduced to the world in 1999 and it was the brands first steps into 4 wheel drive and the SUV market, and it really paid dividends for BMW.

We introduced the BMW X5 to our short term fleet in 2009 and as a competitor to the (at the time) very popular Range Rover Sport…

Since reading the latest report the other day from the SMMT for the April 2020 registrations, we realised how confusing all of the new abbreviations were for alternative fuelled vehicles.

So we thought we’d put together this guide to explain what a PHEV, BEV, MHEV and a HEV is, along with the pro’s and con’s.

PHEV — Plug-in Hybrid Electric Car

The Plug-in Hybrid car is a great start to those who want to dip their toes in the water when trying to understand how an electric vehicle would work around their commute and lifestyle.

Its effectively a bridge between a regular hybrid vehicle and an…

Hybrid cars are still very much on the motoring scene, despite the influx of electric car registrations into the market place.

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Toyota Corolla Hybrid | toyota.co.uk

But at the moment, Hybrid car sales and leases are still very popular and with more and more manufacturers releasing their models into the market place, there is more choice than ever.

We look at the advantages and disadvantages of the Hybrid Car:

Advantages to a Hybrid Car:

Whilst generally cheaper than electric cars, the Hybrid car can still give you the advantages depending on the model chosen, in particular those who can get away with using the range of a plugin hybrid for…

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