3 things I’d like to see in the RHD Tesla Model 3

Rhys Adams
Apr 10, 2019 · 2 min read

I’m extremely eager to get hold of the Model 3 in Right Hand Drive guise. Tesla have had my deposit for a while now and I check their website on a regular basis to see if ordering has opened.

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Image from Tesla.com

With me watching so many reviews on YouTube, I have found a few additions I’m hoping Mr Elon Mush will add to the Model 3 in the future.

  1. Not really technology based, but I’m hoping they fix the rain issue with the boot. I’ve seen numerous videos on YouTube of water pouring into the boot (trunk), which isn’t good.
  2. Apple CarPlay — Yes I know that they have integrated apps on the system such as Spotify connectivity and a really good GPS system, but I love Apple CarPlay in our car and use this much more than the inbuilt system.
  3. Dashcam system for all cameras. Not many people know that the front facing camera can be used to record footage, but the Tesla has multiple cameras and could come in very handy for side swipes or rear enders.

Overall, I am really looking forward to configuring my Tesla Model 3 RHD, I would love to hear from other people who have a RHD version on order and what specification you think you’ll opt for.

April Update on the Tesla Model 3

Sources from the US have said that the base model that starts at $35,000, is no longer available for sale via Tesla’s website ordering process. Customers who have ordered this base Model 3 have been receiving phone calls to ask if they’d like to upgrade to the Standard Plus for $2,500.

Are you one of these customers with a base model on order, have you opted for the upgrade or are you willing to wait, I’d love to hear from you.

About myself

Started in the motor trade in 2003 in sales working my way up to Group Marketing Support Manager. Started my own business in 2007 offering short term car leases and now have over 300 vehicles on the road.

I’m passionate about providing a great service, we’re not the cheapest but we do believe our customers get what they pay for.

Find out more about my business at: https://cocoon-group.co.uk/companies/

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