5 Fantastic SEO Tools to use…

Whilst I don’t express to be an SEO guru, I do work on our company and personal websites on a daily basis and like to read up on the latest tools for Search Engine Optimisation, in particular the free ones.

Whilst I do state on this article that these are for free, they may charge in the future or may be they have Pro accounts to do a few extra things, but even if they do offer paid for plans their free tools are good enough to use.

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Credit: Rhys Adams

So here are my top 5 SEO tools for free…

  1. Ubersuggest — Brain child of the legendary SEO guru Neil Patel, this website is fantastic for researching keywords, backlinks and your competitors. Either enter a keyword or a domain and it gives you a bunch of keyword ideas, shows you how easy it is to rank for a word and even how much it could cost on Google Adwords.
  2. Buzzsumo — Content analysing at its best. Type in a keyword and find out the social shares, backlinks and even who has shared the content. It really is a good tool to use. They do offer paid for plans which are useful for those doing this as a full time job.
  3. Ahrefs — Whilst the majority of their tools are on paid for plans, their free backlink tool is invaluable for help with sharing your content. Utilise these backlinks to help you place your website in the same place, or contact the bloggers to see if they will share your content.
  4. GTMetrix — Not many people realise that page speed and load up times make a massive difference to your ranking on Google and Bing, but GT Metrix can help you with this and show you where you can improve your page speeds. Make sure you pick a server local to your region to get a true reflection.
  5. Socialblade — If you integrate video marketing into your website, then SocialBlade allows you to see the rankings from your competitors, giving you an insight on what content to aim for and even how much that youtube’r potentially earns.
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YouTube: Rhys Adams

Whilst I could have added some of the obvious tools here such as Google Search Console, Moz.com and Bing Webmaster tools, the ones above I feel are the right tools for the job, in particular UberSuggest.

If you have a budget to use up, some of the paid plan services are also excellent, in particular Ahrefs. Whilst they don’t provide instant hits, slow and steady certainly does help win the race.

Youtube SEO Help

There are tons of SEO people on YouTube to watch and learn, my favourite being Neil Patel. His 5–10 minute videos are easy to watch and easy to remember which I find really useful.

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What are your favourite free SEO Tools?

I’d love to hear what your favourite free SEO tools are? Is there one that really does do the job but is hidden away? Drop me some comments below and I will come back to you.

About me and my business…

Far from the likes of SEO expert, I do design and build websites but for my own company Cocoon Vehicles Ltd. I’ve been in the motor trade now for 15 years from retail sales working my way up to Group Marketing Manager.

Whilst my sales techniques were poor, what I was really good at was generating enquiries and leads. This was being one of the early adopters of social media, analysing peoples habits and generating websites to create enquiries that people could complete forms within 5 minutes.

I love my job and love what I do, I don’t earn a fortune but the pleasure of what I do out weights this. I write these articles for the love of writing and the subject involved. Have a look at me on LinkedIn.

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I live in a beautiful town called Belper on the edge of the Peak District with my wife Rebecca. I enjoy writing, photography and gadgets.

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