5 of the most popular short term car leases for October 2018 and why?

We’ve had a record 2 months in the Cocoon Vehicles office and had plenty of short term car leases and car subscriptions go out of the door. So I thought I’d share an insight on the vehicles that have gone out and the reasons why customers have picked these vehicles.

Before I start the list, I just want to say that the amount of car subscription enquiries on Hybrid and Electric cars have gone through the roof, this could be down to the UK government announcement with regards to Petrol/Diesel cars.

Here is the Top 5 cars:

  1. BMW X5 M Sport- It has been available in a number of engine options including the 30d, 40d and the fantastic M50d, although the latter isn’t available any longer. Customers love these and the difference between a short term contract and a longer term contract hire price isn’t as big as you think, especially when you take into account the initial payment. These cars are loved by anti terrorism Police and Ambulance services, who we provide a few of these cars to.
  2. Volvo XC90 — When we first offer these cars to customers, we do have a few turned up noses. Then when they’ve had them on a 5/6 month contract, they cannot wait to order there next. These cars are so popular on fleet. Its a great all round SUV which is comfortable, has lots of tech and above all, reliable.
  3. BMW 116d SE Business — These are popular at the moment due to the price of them on a car subscription or Flexi-rent contracts. For less than £400 (correct as of 1st Nov 2018), these cars come with 1,000 miles, full maintenance and are generally brand new. On flexi-rent they can be kept up to 12 months before needing to be swapped.
  4. Mercedes GLC Estate/Coupe — Another fine work of art by the team at Mercedes, our 2nd most popular Medium SUV after the Volvo XC60 and by far the most popular, our only issue is that we can’t get enough of them to supply the demand and is one of the few vehicles we have with a waiting list. Customers hate giving these up.
  5. VW Golf — Another car thats still in demand, despite ‘Dieselgate’ — The VW Golf is a love of most car drivers, including those who drive some of the top end cars. Comfortable, reliable and well built, these Volkswagens are hard to criticise. The GTD is our most popular, followed by the Golf R and the GTi Performance. We’ve got plenty on order ready for December registrations.

Our list changes every month and to be truthful, it changes due to the vehicles we can get hold of from our suppliers and manufacturers. We suspect over the next few months, the lists will change again. We’ve just added the 2018 Mercedes-Benz A Class to our Flexi-rent and Short Term Car Leasing contracts, and have already fulfilled a few of these ready for November delivery.

Whilst the BMW X5 remains popular on a regular basis, this will soon dwindle due to the new model being launched soon. BMW have redesigned the car from top to bottom to keep that lead on their competitors.

If you could have a car for a short period of time, what would it be and why?