9 great reasons why the 2019 Audi A1 Sportback is the ultimate supermini?

Rhys Adams
Apr 16, 2019 · 4 min read

The Audi A1 originally came along in the 2010 Geneva Motorshow. It started as a 3 door but in 2011 the 5 door Audi named, Sportback was created.

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Audi gave the little A1 a small facelift in 2015 to make sure it stayed inline with the other Audi models, but in 2018 Audi went all the way and created the Audi A1 Mk 2.

The Mk2 Audi A1, or second generation as its also known as, is built on the MQB platform. For those not familiar with the VAG group platforms, it means that it shares its underpinnings with the Seat Ibiza and the latest guise of the VW Polo.

One of the first things you will notice with the new Audi A1 is that unlike the first generation, the 2nd ‘gen won’t come with Diesel engines for the foreseeable future. Instead we get 4 different variations across three engine sizes.

The new model has also inherited Audi’s very annoying number designation, I still can’t work out these 2 digit codes, but what I do know is the higher the number the bigger the engine or the higher the power.

With these Audi’s being so popular at the moment on our short term car lease fleet, I thought it would be a great idea to list 9 great reasons why the Audi A1 is the ultimate supermini.

  1. Engines; All of the engines are fantastic, even the 999cc turbo powered unit in the 25 and the 30 TFSI. I’d still opt for the 30 TFSI as it comes with a 6 speed manual gearbox or a 7 speed DSG. Economy is fantastic and the pickup when accelerating feels really smooth but nippy.
  2. DSG; VAG group have had these double clutch gearboxes in their cars for a long time, but it’s so difficult to get a supermini with a combination of a good engine and a smooth auto box.
  3. Residual Value; These Audi A1’s have never been cheap to purchase, with reports that they are 10% more expensive over their equivalents. But the residual values on the Audi A1 are excellent meaning that leasing and PCP’s are generally the best way to run an Audi A1.
  4. Derivatives; Audi keeps it simple; SE, Sport and S line. Whilst I have only seen S-lines as this is what we run on our fleet, the other models still come with a great specification with the SE coming with LED Headlights, Audi Smartphone Interface and Alloy Wheels. The S-Line adds to this spec by adding 17" Alloy Wheels, Cruise Control, Sport Suspension, Front Sport Seats and S Line Body Styling.
  5. Digital Cockpit; On the S-line model the Audi A1 Sportback comes with the brilliant 10.25" display, enabling speedo, trip computer, infotainment and (if fitted) maps from the navigation system.
  6. Handling; The way this Audi A1 Sportback is set up is really superb, the car feels as though your cornering on rails with very little body roll. The S Line suspension can make things appear much sturdier, and handles better than most, if not all, supermini’s I’ve driven.
  7. Comfort; For someone who is 6ft, the car is comfortable with the seating position just right. Although, I wouldn’t want to be an adult sat behind me. Pedals feel as though they are in the right place and a long drive is easily done without any discomfort. Cabin noise is also excellent, only hearing the engine under extreme acceleration.
  8. Storage Space: From cup holders to cubby holes, you’ll find plenty of nuts and crannies to store your odds and sods! Then let’s head to the boot, it’s very generous for a supermini. If you’ve got the optional height adjustable boot, you can easily fit a compact pushchair or multiple hand luggage suitcases.
  9. The Look: With its refreshed lines bringing it in line with some of the newer Audi models, the Audi A1 really is a stunner. Pick the car in the right colour with the right wheels and the S line derivative, you’ve really got yourself a hot supermini.

So what are your thoughts on the 2nd generation Audi A1 Sportback, what do you like or dislike about it? Do you think they should sell the Audi A1 in North America? Do you own the first generation and have some feelings about how they could improve this model? Drop them in the comments below.

About me and my business?

I started in the motor trade 15 years ago working in Sales, working my way up to marketing. I started my own business in 2007 offering brokering services for contract hire and leasing, but quickly changed the direction of the business to short term car lease contracts due to the credit crunch.

We now run over 300 cars on our fleet from little Toyota Aygo’s right up to Range Rovers and BMW X5’s, with the odd special car on fleet like the Lamborghini Aventador’s and the Ferrari 458.

Alongside my business I love to photograph the cars and write about them, I sometimes get featured in publications and on YouTube but really do this for the love of my job.

Cocoon Vehicles: https://cocoonvehicles.co.uk

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