Top 9 Free Local Business Listing Sites UK 2019

Rhys Adams
May 16, 2019 · 3 min read

As part of Search Engine Optimisation, its a great idea to build backlinks up for your website, but as we all know many of the big boys such as, Thomson Local and Yelp, like to market us with calls.

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The main purpose of having your business listed on a business directory website is to get traffic that matters. High quality backlinks will essentially provide traffic to help improve your awareness to the search engines.

Other benefits to having a listing include page rank increases, high quality backlink that is permanent, website popularity improvement, coverage for direct advertisements, stable point of contact for you and your business, brand awareness and becoming part of well established SEO business directories.

Its taken me a while to find some really good websites to add my business details to, without the spam, so here are my Top 9…

  1. — Online Directory with a lot of backlinks, the directory has just received a major refresh but still gets 150–200 hits per day. They also now offer a free listing that lasts for 30 days or you can upgrade for just £1 to get a listing that lasts for a year. The website is also Schema rich, which Google loves:
  2. — Human edited directory offering a free listing service and some great SEO advice on the way to help improve your website. This directory is great as it integrates for help with Google and reviews like TrustPilot but without the issue of telesales.
  3. Business Directory UK — An older style looking directory but one that has multiple backlinks and has been established since 1999. You can easily add your UK business for free and has lots of brands advertising online like Renault, Whittards and BT.
  4. UK Weblist — A directory website that is heavily subsidised by Google adsense adverts, yet the backlinks and ease of adding a free listing to this business directory makes it all worth the while. High demands mean that if you want a quick submission you have to pay £10, I’d save the money and wait.
  5. UK Locate — I hate the design of this website, yet I use it personally to find businesses in a particular region. They are really strict on submissions, so don’t try and blag your company name with keywords, do the job properly and you will get listed.
  6. UK Local Search — Reminds me of the old dmoz website the way its laid out, but easy to use, easy to add your listing for free and has plenty of backlinks. Find a category that your business fits in before adding your listing and you’ll have a listing live in no time.
  7. Foursquare — Yes, I’m including one of the big boys but at one point in time, Foursquare was one of my major go-to’s when I had the app on my phone. Lots of companies use their data, which makes it a priority to get your business added.
  8. Apple Maps — Apple is spending millions on ensuring that its map services are up to date, this includes businesses big and small. Whilst they buy a lot of their data, its also a good idea to add your own business details and website to their system, this can be done easily at…
  9. My Local Services — Another garish looking website, brandished in yellow and green. But on a whole this website works really well and you can invite your customer base to review your products and services. Big brands appear on here again and a helpful business forum.

What are your favourite UK Business Directories?

Have you got any favourite business directories that you can add your business for free? Is there some that you feel shouldn’t have been included above? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Don’t forget, local search is important…

If your business caters for a particular geographical area of the UK, then don’t forget to look closer to home. For example, although my business is Nationwide, the office itself is based in Belper. So I would use things like Belper Directory, Belper Business, Derby-Business, City of Derby, etc.

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