What are the 5 most popular Short Term Car Leases?

Rhys Adams
May 13, 2019 · 3 min read

We used to run a blog piece on Cocoon Vehicles called ‘Top of the Prop’s — It used to be our most popular cars that we put on Short Term Car Lease that month, we haven’t done it for a while as we’re really busy but since I’ve been writing the articles I do get asked quite a bit on Quora.

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Credit: Audi.co.uk

So, for the month of April 2019, these were our most popular cars across both Flexi-rent and Fixed contracts:

  1. Audi A1 — This amazing facelifted model has been really popular with our customers on flexi-rent and car subscription. Its a great little car that rivals the Mini Hatchback and with some great tech.
  2. Land Rover Discovery Sport — Another brilliant and very capable car thats been popular on all of the short term car lease programs, and the ones we offer have a very high specification. We still have some left, so be quick.
  3. BMW X4 — This latest facelift has made this SUV Coupe style vehicle popular again, price rises have put some of our customers off, but the drive and looks of this car bring this BMW back into our top 5.
  4. BMW 116d SE Business — I’m delving straight into a particular derivative as this staple car has been at the top of our ‘props’ for a long time. Starting at just £399 + VAT on our flexi-rent and car subscription, you can see why this has been a popular choice as a company car.
  5. Range Rover Velar — Whilst our supply of BMW X5’s has dwindled due to the 2019 facelift, the Velar has taken over to become one of the most popular large SUV’s on our short term car lease programs. It really does speak for itself!

What would your top Short Term Car Lease be?

What are your thoughts on our customers choices? What do you think of the individual cars and is there anything on our website that you think would be better than the above? We’d love to hear from you.

Most requested Short Term Car Leases…

As most people are aware, the short term car lease programs are dictated by the manufacturers and unlike traditional contract hire & leasing, you can’t custom order a car to put on a short term car lease, but we do hold a list of most requested vehicles and here are the top 5…

  1. Tesla Model 3 — In April the RHD Tesla Model 3 was still a lifetime away, or so we thought. But it didn’t stop daily enquiries coming in on this highly sought after model. I’m sure just counting our enquiries, Tesla will do very well once the configurator opens and deliveries start being delivered in June 2019.
  2. Mercedes 2019 GLE — This refresh has been a popular request for many of our customers, but as yet, not something we can offer. The GLE 300d has received some fantastic reviews in particular the MBUX infotainment system with an Alexa style assistant.
  3. Ford Fiesta — Another product thats been quite difficult to get hold of since Ford pulled out of the rental market, but the new Fiesta (and Focus) remains a popular request. However, the sales price and the RV’s don’t quite stack up for this brand, which makes them expensive on short term car leases.
  4. VW Golf GTEWhen will the Golf GTE be open for ordering? We’d love to know as when we did have these on fleet, they flew out. This is a brilliant car, having once owned one myself. 24 miles of electric charge was perfect for my daily commute along with a theoretical 1,000 miles from a tank of fuel.
  5. Tesla Model S — Yep, another electric car in the top 5 and again its a Tesla. The Tesla range is extremely popular and people want to see it on a Short Term Car Lease so that they can evaluate its potential as a day to day car.
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