But that doesn’t make it a healthy strategy.
The endless echo chamber of online “influencers” is robbing the Internet of its soul.
Ben Belser

While I agree to all of this and even more want to believe that most active readers here do, I think it’s completely uncertain what’s “healthy” here. I’d like to think of healthy as thought-provoking pieces, contributing something new (to something good that already exists, if you will), enlightening, and last but not least, a display of authorship that’s clickworthy mainly because of these very attributes.

As for many things dominated by mass social movements — how would you, in practice, want to break the spiral? Rethermalized pieces sometimes sell even better than the original, it’s a truth that’s hard to deny and even harder to fight. What I fear is that this is a discussion about aesthetics and “writing-morals”, while the writing we’re discussing is about business.

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