The 3.0 of hope, care and connection: Scaling Deep

drawing by Lara Listens

I wrote these six first paragraphs some months ago:

Recently, three ladies, all grey haired, sat together one morning in my office room. The time had come to sense into a next step, after a most inspiring time during a retreat-gathering earlier in the year. As we do, starting with a deep check-in round, we shared stories of (distant) relationships, of broken structures (both personal and global) and the journey of growing from ‘a fixed identity and worldview’ to ‘what is My Work?’ to the point we found ourselves right now: ‘what is Our Work?’

As synchronicity would have it…

Feedback for self-managing teams

drawings by An Baert — Percolab Belgium

For self-managing teams, ‘giving feedback’ to each other is considered vital and essential. But there are pitfalls in giving feedback, and before you embark, as a team, on a journey to learn this skill and its practices, it is wise to think a bit more deeply about it.

We see feedback as having three different faces: feedback as correction; feedback as coaching; and feedback as curiosity. If you’ve been thinking that feedback is just one or two of these, then it is really worth taking another look at what else it might be, as that may fit in with a…

Overview of balance in an Art of Hosting training, by Lara Listens

In a recent blog, Lisa Gill, mentioned Shared Economy as an Art of Hosting (AoH) practice. Indeed, we started thinking about a more fair system regarding payments and compensation than our mainstream habitual system within the frame of the Learning Villages of 2012 and 2013, within the global AoH network. We wanted to figure out “how to price the gathering to both make sure everyone who wants to attend can do so regardless of their financial situation, and at the same time making sure that the ones organizing and hosting are paid well”. …

I ended my previous series of blog posts with some reflections on Holding emotional selves in a working team. I mentioned that more and more, in new-ways-of-working, there is the notion and the intention to bring the whole person to work and into the organization. There should be more room for people’s emotional side to show up as is habit in mainstream business practice, but most teams, organisations and networks get stuck when more intense emotions are at play.

Although I wrote it many months ago, the issue of how to deal with intense emotions in a team where there…

How to collectively (re-)align? More on Pop-up communities, aka retreats; extensive list.

Mieres, Spain. Pop-up communities — part 3 (part 2 here)

near the entrance of the house, a little field of my favorite flowers!

Here, this morning in the writing retreat, (yes, my 3rd retreat in a row!) we were wondering: maybe a retreat is more real than the life we go back to after the retreat? Maybe that so-called real life is a collectively held fantasy?

Besides this profound question to ponder, and as promised, below you find a more extensive list of elements that makes for a good and inspiring retreat for a self-organised or self-managed team or network. Keeping…

View on Amalurra grounds from our apartment

How do we collectively re-align in these turbulent times? — the power of ‘pop-up communities’.

Amalurra, Spain. Pop-up communities — part 2 (part 1 here)

What happens when the vision of a gathering with more than 30 people — with a team of 6 and the number of participants expected to be over 20 — ends in the reality of ‘just four of us’ actually meeting? …

(what came before in Trip to New Zealand: one, two and three)

Working at the river side, by Paul Messer

In the Art of Hosting network, we are quite committed to walking our talk. Since we often ask participants in our training seminars to share what it is they want to learn, we opened a similar conversation in our recent hosting team on what our learning edge was. I felt that my ‘trembling point’ was related not with the content or the process of the actual 3-day training we were starting, but rather with a personal point of insecurity.

Late in 2017 I had send in the draft…

quote at the wall in Enspiral Dev Academy

see previous blog posts here: blog 1 & blog 2

In the Open Space time during the Summerfest, I ended up being in Susan Basterfield’s session — announced as a new plan for a Communication strategy (for Enspiral). It was more a session to bring clarity in Susan’s thinking and sensing about the Enspiral network.

I learned that Enspiral has a Foundation (legally set up as a business), with a board and working groups, and is formed by its 30 members — who have no financial advantage from being a member. …

Trip to New Zealand Blog 2

flowers on a desk in Enspiral Dev Academy

(this blog post follows Trip to New Zealand blog 1)

I arrived at the Summerfest, right at the time of dinner. This meant I missed the introduction in the afternoon but had some time to hear what participants here were offering as topics they wanted to dive deeper into. It was really a very diverse and huge list of questions, ideas, offerings and more — as diverse as the participants, coming both from inside Enspiral and from outside.

I participated in a session introduced by an Australian lady, Sarah Houseman, who is doing a PhD on a couple of organizations…

I’m on my way. Right now in Heathrow airport waiting to board the next plane to Sydney, with a ‘stop’ in Dubai; to finally end up in Wellington, New Zealand. No, I have never been there; and no, it is not a real vacation. It is quite a mix of things.

I would never make a trip to the other side of the globe ‘just’ for holidays. I hardly ‘do’ holidays at all. I rather stay at home, have a very slow rhythm of life and do whatever I like and what seems needed in the garden. That’s my kind…

Ria Baeck

action-researcher, coach, complexity practitioner

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