Hi Ria. I have a feeling this is happening all over the world :-)
Dan Cunningham

Hello Dan, you might know Phoebe and/or Victor V. who connected me with your FB group. Not sure if you can have access to ours…

I had indeed the intention to write something about ‘retreats’ from the experience recently in Hungary, and many others before — and what I think is different now.

The point of action research — and participative action research — is of course: what is the question you/we want to research??? 
We had many, many questions formulated in the design days of our recent gathering. Here the FB post with all the questions:
I am currently in a retreat with some very inspiring folks, all working in/with the Future of Work, self-organisation etc. — and as I hold it: the Future of our society.
 Yesterday we had some deep conversations where we tried to see which are the questions that we all share, which can be the ‘it’ that we are about…

Here they are so far:
 Which self-organising practices are individual and which are collective?
 What are we mutually learning this week?
 What is the transformative narrative?
 What needs to happen to co-create a transformative narrative?
 What parts of self-management can be done individually and collectively?
 What is the work I need to do?
 We have shared consciousness, different operating systems and practices how do we weave them together?
 What is the best work we can collectively do here?
 What is it that we can collectively do here that makes us come alive and is what the world needs? 
 What is our collective invisible wall of power?
 Can a community be the form for taking what has up until now been individual methodology?
 Can community be the transmitters of the theory of change?
 How can we be in collective sense-making and the source/deep wisdom to surface generative narratives?
 What is the boldest generative question we can (only) know together?