Great, Bob, thanks. Agree completely on China, etc.
Jordan Greenhall

Hmmm, more answers raise more questions… at least for me!

You wrote here, and I want to cut it into pieces, because there is a lot that I don’t get, and I do want to understand it because of the collective practice that I am writing a book about (called: collective presencing) and I am wondering if this practice could be of service, and what is it that we need to look out for: 
- “While the “children of blue” might ex post facto have a lot of blue in them, — ???
- they have to get there on their own — why???
- and *after* a period of individuation, distancing and a “dark time of the soul”. 
- If they are merely new faces on the Blue Church they won’t have the native fluidity to compete. — why not?

If you have time and appetite I would love that you could expand a bit on these four points.

Thanks a lot!

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