Writer’s Dilemma: Do I Need a Paywall? Or Can I Trust the Gift Economy?
Richard D. Bartlett

Hmmmm… I come from the viewpoint that all people should be able to access the information — training — workshop they want. Having organised a lot of gatherings and retreats, in the end it are the organisers (like you) who hold the risk.
I have tried out many different price settings, but it never counts for all the many different financial situations people are in… so, finally I have set on a system I call ‘shared economy’. Essential: put the risk in the middle of all — participants and trainers-organisers alike.
I don’t have good experiences with ‘pay what you can’… people just don’t have a clue how much time you spend, how many people are paying, what other costs are involved… you always get less than what it is really worth. 
Shared economy means: People start with paying a minimal amount, knowing that this is the first installment; as a registration fee or something similar. As the gathering — training— workshop — comes to an end, the full financial details are shared with everyone. People can see what is the average they should pay to cover the budget (fee of organisers, trainers included!). People know where they are in terms of earning more or less than average… they then decide themselves the amount of their 2nd installment.
Almost always covers your budget!
a little explanation here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCH7C4MUHrU

It needs good, very good explanation upfront and in the course, workshop itself!

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