Alpha Dog

This is something that I have experienced over and over this week and especially. It is also prominent in most companies: the natural leader vs the “forced” or appointed leader. It is also very rare that the “appointed” leader is also the natural leader.

What I am referring to is that in most companies or teams there is always an appointed leader (he gets paid to lead) and then there is the natural leader of the team. The appointed leader is the one you report your progress to, the one you ask if you might go on leave — or to the loo, in extreme cases. The natural leader is the guy or gal (yes. gals too -p.c) that just by nature clicks with the team. The team rather goes to him/her for guidance and he/she is naturally the one that helps the team to progress, make the deadlines or solves the issues. The natural leader is the person that lead the team because of the amount of camaraderie — BIG word — this person personifies. This person really connects with every member of the team and does not mind being “personal” (vulnerable if you want). And that is what being a true leader is about — not minding being “personal”.