Diary of a Madman

Week 25–29 January 2016


This section was still a problem, although this week in general was a teeny weeny bit better. I , at least, ate breakfast every morning, but still struggled to ditch the frothy drink habit. My Seattle Coffee Co. bill was high — so high I actually got a free one on Wednesday! Woo hoo!

Exercise was low. I think I will join @Poppysimyname -https://www.instagram.com/poppyismyname/ — this week with her 5k running challenge. Can only do me good.


I only listened to podcasts this week. I discovered the Bret Easton Ellis (the guy that wrote American Psycho) podcast. There is some good ones in there. I enjoyed the Marilyn Manson episodes (yep. I am a huuuuuuge fan!) and also the Tarantino interview (that guy is a smart motherfucker in my books!). I also enjoyed some of the older Freakonomics podcasts.h Look for both of these on iTunes. I highly recommend them!


Bath time was the best time I had with the kids this week. I tried to be home for bath time every night. And I made it every night. Except on Tuesday (more to follow on this below). Chores like this can actually become quality family time. It is really not a chore. It is time you can spend with those who needs your attention the most.


Still struggling with the big, well-paying client, with the lack of process. So, we deployed in production on Tuesday evening with a system full of bugs. Spend the rest of the week trying to fix them. Most have now been squashed. But some is still out there — somewhere in the system.

Met up with some other potential clients doing some really super stuff. Had 3 potential projects in the pipeline, but lost all 3 in the end — business is hard. sigh :-(.

Also go introduced to Kong — https://getkong.org/- a really neat API gateway and create project chart with Wrike https://www.wrike.com/. This seems like the right tool to keep my eye on the milestones in Elevato Labs’s current project portfolio.

Also started to set the wheels in motion for my bi-weekly / monthly productivity articles — I code named it Gear — featuring a local persona and their working habits and apparel. Keep an eye out for it!

Upwards and onwards!