Shivling and its Significance

The Shivling is the symbol of the union of Lord Shiva with Goddess Parvati. In traditional Indian culture, the Shiva linga is seen as an image of the energy and capability of Lord Shiva Himself. When the Shivlinga is represented alongside the yoni, a symbol of Goddess Shakti, the female creative energy it becomes the ultimate source of creation. Shiv linga represents the Cosmic Egg (‘Brahmanda’ in Sanskrit) which has neither a starting nor an end. It is believed that this evolving world eventually merges or breaks down into the formless system. In this way, the Shiva lingam is the most straightforward indication of development.

Shivlinga and its anatomy:

A Shiva Lingam has three distinctive sections which are reflected as Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. The lower part represents Brahma, the middle Vishnu and the upper and the most prominent represents Shiva. Thus Shiva Lingam epitomizes all the three powers in one- as the Para Brahma or Supreme Shiva consciousness.

Meditation on the Shiva Lingam facilitates one-pointed concentration of the mind. This is the reason why sages upheld meditation on the Shiva Lingam.

The Shiva linga, when installed at home or temple brings vibrations of peace and unity with the source. It is the most powerful type of Shiva revered by Saints and Yogis for self-acknowledgment.

The Significance of Shivling

For a true Devotee, the Shivling is not just a pillar of stone. The Linga helps the devotee focus all his energy and concentration at one point and thus help him achieve the higher states of consciousness. There is a considerable amount of spiritual vibration in the Shivling for any seeker. Ardent devotees can achieve the super consciousness by worshipping the Shivling if he reaches one-pointedness.

Shivling works equally for beginners and advanced practitioner thus gives everyone equal power to fight negativity. Worship of shivling gives immense result in terms of mental and physical health and above all the higher consciousness state.

Why worship Shivling

Shivling Puja is considered auspicious by sages for many reasons. Firstly meditation on the Shivling boosts your concentration and enhances your positive vibrations. It gives you energy as it’s a divine source of energy. Shivling Puja is like worshipping Lord Shiva and Shakti in their most unique form, ie in their union. Shivling Puja can lead you to a path where you can be freed from all your past sins. If you worship parad shivling, it is believed that the devotee is bestowed with the blessings of the three Lokas (Trilok). When one performs the Shivling Puja on Mondays it brings positive change in your physical and mental health, the career as well as in relationships. Worshipping Shiving bestows one with Shiva Puja benefits.