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Sass is a CSS preprocessor. It is great and widely used. If you are not familiar with it yet check out these tutorials.

Maps are a hugely under-appreciated feature of Sass. Using Sass Maps can automate generating UI elements and improve the design consistency across your application. You will love using Sass maps when you need a set of modifier classes for UI elements.

Modifier class is a class that modifies the style of a block based on the context. Block is a generic parent class that can be used on its own.

BEM (Block Element Modifier) 101

I have…

I was inspired by the holistic approach of ethnosemantics to researching the use of language among cultural groups. I have adapted some of its methods for modern user research and wanted to share my ideas about it.

Why do we care about Ethnosemantics?

Ethnosemantics is the study of how people relate concepts to each other. It is thus a scientific discipline that investigates the foundations of knowledge and understanding.

—Dr. Leon James, University of Hawaii

You will be surprised (at least, I was) to know that the majority of modern user research methods was developed by anthropologists in the early 20th century. Ethnosemantics, or ethnolinguistics, offers…

In April of 2016, HackImmigration organized a 2-day Design Sprint that brought together people with unique backgrounds and perspectives on immigration. Read about our design process, stories and insights from the event.

Why a Design Sprint?

Design Sprint is an innovation framework that establishes a foundation for change. Design thinking was developed and popularized by thought schools like IDEO, and GV. It is a collaborative, interactive series of creative exercises. It guides product teams through exploring opportunities with the goal of coming up with a fine-tuned product concept.

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Design is not as elusive as people think it is. It is a learnable skill. Design has rules that anyone can apply to their work. If you are an engineer working on an application or a business guy putting together a slide deck, there are a few tricks you can learn. I will show how to apply three base principles of design: grids, typography and color theory.

Design Primer

There are three components to designing anything:

  • Esthetics
  • Empathy
  • Means of production

Disclaimer: I am a product designer, so I will use product design as a reference…

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