In the 80’s when people first thought about VR, they imagined experiences usually related with freedom of motion, like flying around blue and pink stylised worlds on “The lawnmower man” movie. Or the awesome 3D version of the internet in “Johnny Mnemonic”. Many others have always hoped that VR will unchain our minds and our feet from reality and take us a far as our imagination could take us.

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Reach new heights with the Mindride Airflow VR experience.

But if you have tried any VR from Oculus or Steam you have probably realised that they are probably nothing like that. Instead of flying around the virtual world, you barely…

Through all history, there’s a rule that always applies. With every new technology comes a brand new language.

Of course, I’m not only thinking of spoken words. I mean every technique that we use to think and express our thoughts like painting, sculpting, engineering, design clothes, wearing clothes, using the computer/phone, flirting, dancing… We “speak” so many non-spoken languages that the famous phrase from Wittgenstein; “The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.”, sounds like a joke. Our brain seems to be excellent at taking the world and turning it into a language.

But what intrigues me…

Last week, I created a 3D modelling interactive prototype for an Engineering Talk I’m delivering soon. Once I had something usable, I recorded a video and put it online quietly.

The video quickly exploded on the internet reaching 30K views in just one day. Not bad for a video with no cats in it. How can a technical video like this get so much attention?

The answer has been in the back of everyone’s mind: VR is the perfect technology for creation.

In my opinion, the big driver of VR won’t be gaming. Even though the tech could look…

Ricardo Acosta

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