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Not a guide, but a routine

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Decided to not include the title, “how to compose poems effectively” because it is my procedure of putting up poetry together. And yes, it may or may not sail your boat. My understanding is straightforward, seek to create your style, genre, or theme. Fiction is complex to construct, and poetry…

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You log in at 10 am fresh and rejuvenated to jump into your day’s hustle. It is a lovely sunny day outside when the management hands you the task of hiring 5 new employees.

I am pretty sure this one phrase, “hire new employees”, must be a nightmare for a…


A poem about equality

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The Evil Queen was old
With her life put on hold
Down was the mirror passed
To a new Queen who was supposed to last.

Kind, loving, and brave
To be known as the most beautiful
was never her crave
The mirror remained shut
Away from other souls
In a lonely mountain hut…

The one-stop life lesson guide

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A long time back, while I was preparing for my high school finals, my mother’s aunt came to stay with us. She helped me throughout my preparations. I owe my 93% to her. She is indeed a very positive and insightful person. …

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There is always light
if only we are brave enough to see it
if only we are brave enough to be it!

Starting this article with the powerful words of Amanda Gorman because there is always a way, and no matter what you are the change you seek to be!

Control your anger


A poem about the origins of some Indian English words

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A little boy in his hood
Asked his father if he could,
Tell him the story of words.

For every night before his bed
As he slowly lay his head,
His father would tell him the story of words.

Relaxing beside me, he would ask
Do you know how words bask?


A poem about a girl and her fight!

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How do you make an eagle out of a seagull?
How can you possibly harden her soul?
Those fragile limbs of her will never yield the struggle!

Is she capable of malice?
Can she sail these hurricane clad seas?
Will we ever win with her?

The first day that I…


A princess’ plight

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Loosely tied to a limb of courage, gripped tightly by the jar of pursuit.
The other ends felt loose, and the hope trembled.

How will she ever learn to fight back?
They broke her fight with dresses cut loose.

Lonely as the sea, lonely as the tallest tree.
Exploited as the…


Meal suggestions and ideas for my lactose intolerant mates

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It was a beautiful January evening of 2019, and I was stuffing my face with some pizza slices. An hour passed by and there was an excruciating pain around my abdomen. At first, I thought it was just a casual digestive concern and nothing serious, but this went on straight…

Ria Ghosh

Major in Information Technology. A full-time writer. The artist in search of a purpose, and an ancient one trapped in the body of A positive human.

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