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Everyone wants to be in good health. After all, most people don’t care about what kind of precautions to take when it comes to maintaining good health. There is no need to spend money to be healthy. There are some things that need to be emphasized from an early age. If you are sick, you should go to the doctor for treatment. Medication should be taken according to the doctor’s advice.

In addition, in some cases, testing is required. Money has to be spent on such treatment. It is not necessary to spend money to become a healthy person later…

Stress is the feeling of tension in your body due to physical or emotional stressors. Emotional stressors might be anger, frustration, or nervousness. Whether you are a student, teacher or you have a 5 to 7 job you all know the feeling of stress.

Surveys have shown that about 77% of individuals from everywhere on the planet admit to living with physical symptoms related to stress. They’ve also revealed that nearly 50% of individuals lay in bed awake in the dark as a result of their stress.

Now here is a fact, do you know why 20th-century’s people can’t live…

Has it ever happened to you, that you have an aim in life and you really want to achieve it, But whenever you try to do something, A voice from the back of your head keeps saying- this isn’t gonna work, This aim is not for you, you are not capable of this, this is just a dream, you can’t succeed in this. Did you hear that voice ever? In psychological terms that is called negative thinking.

In this article, you are gonna learn

  • Where do negative thoughts come from in our minds?
  • How can you control your mind from…


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