Aurora Borealis

Photo by JACK REDGATE from Pexels:

“Are we ready yet, Elf Pete?” Elf Steve checked with his coworker, who was setting up the camera.

“Almost there, buddy.”

Elf Steve cleared his throat before taking position in front of the shimmering streaks of green light above. “Great night for it.”

Elf Pete gave him the countdown signal, and he straightened, ready for broadcast.

“Hello, Elf Steve reporting from Norway. Tonight we see the Pixies are migrating, once again, and they are here in their millions, Achor-Elf Bob. It’s truly a wonder to behold.”

He motioned to the sky, where the Pixies followed the path North. “Just beautiful.”

Ria Rees writes dark sci-fi and horror stories from the comfort of her cosy Welsh cottage, praying that her creations never become sentient… Subscribe to her Medium page to read more from her.

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Ria Rees

Ria Rees

Writer of dark sci-fi, horror and more —