Email Marketing Statistics 2020: Everything You Need to Know

Tim Fitzpatrick
Dec 3, 2019 · 7 min read

Email marketing will be even more vital in 2020 than it was in 2019, and it was one of the most crucial skills in the marketer’s toolkit over the last year. It’s important to keep up with the trends. In this article, we’ll cover all the new and innovative email marketing statistics of 2020.

20 Important Email Marketing Statistics Of 2019

Email marketing is important for more than just consumer outreach, it also impacts:

  • Your business growth.
  • Customer retention.
  • ROI, and much more!

1. 46% Of Small Businesses Are Using Email Marketing

Almost half of all small businesses are using e-mail marketing, so if you’re not — there’s a good chance your competition is.

In fact, according to the same survey from Small Business Trends, 36% of small businesses that aren’t currently using email marketing plan to start in the next 12 months.

If you are still not using email in 2019, then 2020 is a perfect time to start.

2. 47% Of Marketers Believe Email Marketing is The Most Effective Lead Nurturing Tactic

Continuous lead generation and nurturing are vital in growing a business.

This stat from TechJury is compelling because the number of marketers who use email marketing to grow their business is only increasing.

There are a dump-truck’s worth of valuable lead nurturing stats in this article , so it’s absolutely worth reading to the end.

3. Email Open Rate Across Industries Is 22.86%

Need I say more?

Your offers, newsletters, and sign-ups have a higher chance of getting opened when sent via email.

The only logical explanation for it is the next stat in this list …

4. The Total Number of Email Users In 2019 At Approximately 3 Billion

Three billion is a crazy number! That’s almost half of the world’s population.

I have no doubts that small businesses have a better chance of thriving if they reach a swath of those three billion people through the employment of a solid email marketing strategy.

5. You Are 6x More Likely To Get A Click-Through From Email Than You Are From Twitter

In this article, influential marketing blogger Derek Halpern ran a test by sending his latest blog post to the same number of people via email and Twitter.

Here are the results:

  • Twitter — 300 article click-throughs.
  • Email — 4,200 article click-throughs.

It is unbelievable, yet it’s true! People are more comfortable using email than Twitter or social media.

6. 62% Of Email Campaigns Are Opened On A Mobile Device

Mobile devices are the true winners when it comes to the types of devices where emails are opened.

Small business owners must invest more in targeting mobile devices going into 2020.

7. Using Emojis In Email Subject Lines Increased Email Open Rates by 56% Compared To Text Only

This number is from Experian.

If your emails are dull and boring in 2019, then you have to step it up in 2020 by adding emojis in your subject lines.

I like using emojis because they’re fun, fresh, and modern.

8. 70% Of Millennials Prefer Personalized Emails Over Batch And Blast Communications

The millennial generation isn’t a fan of spam and useless emails.

If you want your email marketing campaigns to be successful in 2020, then learn how to personalize the following:

9. The Return On Investment For Email Marketing Is 38 To One


If you think email marketing doesn’t have a high return on investment, then think again! Your small business could use some help from email campaigns to continuously grow.

10. 50.39% Of Your Email Messages Will Be Opened Within The First Six Hours Of The Send

In 2020, data is your best shot at knowing if an email marketing campaign is effective or not.

Allow your email campaign four to six hours before you measure success.

This article from GetResponse is beneficial, and I highly recommend you check it out!

11. 54 Percent Of People Want To See Video Content from Email Marketers

When we talk about videos, we’re not talking about the future anymore — we’re talking about the present. Videos are the NOW of digital marketing.

Videos are engaging, entertaining, and have a high conversion success.

Your small business emails will surely reap heaps of benefits when you include videos in them.

12. 59% Of B2B Companies Do Not Use Email Marketing

This statistic is based on a study of how 1,000 B2B (Business to Business) companies use email to communicate with their audience.

Many B2B businesses believe that email marketing is dead, but the findings in this study show that there are missed opportunities in using this channel.

Check out what email experts have to say about this study!

13. Autoresponders Drive 88.7% Open Rate

This report from GetResponse has so much valuable information that you could apply to your email marketing campaign in 2020.

One tactic to employ next year is the use of autoresponders. There are so many email marketing services you could choose from online.

14. An Email Has A 44% Open Rate If It Is Transactional

Like I said earlier, people don’t care about random emails, so don’t email your audience irrelevant content in 2020!

Include your offers in emails that show confirmations and shipping notices because your audience would see and read them.

15. The Phrase “Newsletter” Has A 31.43% Click-Through And Open Rate

The same study from GetResponse revealed that emails that include the phrase “newsletter” in the subject line newsletters have higher open rates compared to ‘“PDF” and “eBook”.

Why? Because audiences want to know current news and affairs. They want to be updated with what’s changing or happening ALL THE TIME!

Going into 2020, focus on creating newsletter emails to have a higher open rate.

16. The U.S. Will Spend Over 350 Million Dollars On Email Advertising in 2019

Now, I’m not telling you to spend this much in 2020. All I’m saying is email marketing is still a preferred digital marketing channel for many businesses.

17. 80% Of Professionals Believe That Email Marketing Retains Customers

Customer retention is a complicated topic, and a lot of businesses fail at it.

A proper digital marketing channel can help you maintain customer relationships.

In 2020, use email marketing not only to build a consumer base but also to maintain a healthy relationship.

18. One-Third Of Email Marketers Prefer To Send Weekly

This number doesn’t apply to all types of business, but it’s a great place to start,

If data shows that your audience is highly engaged, then send marketing emails a couple of times a week. But if not, then send an email once or even twice a month to avoid getting flagged as spam.

Now, all these depend on your split test result, so keep testing until you crack the best frequency for your email campaign.

19. Landing Pages Have A 25% Success Rate In Capturing Email Addresses

Email list building could take time, money, and effort to be successful. Some marketers use a static sign-up box or pop-up notifications to gather email addresses, but according to this article, the best way is to use landing pages.

Check out the article to learn more!

20. Using Smart Speakers To Read Emails Is On The Rise

Oh yes! You need to rethink your email marketing strategy in 2020. It has to cater to the needs of 250 million smart speaker users.

Your email marketing efforts should include deals, sales, and promotions because consumers already depend on Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant, or Siri to read them.

And those are the vital email marketing statistics in 2020 that you should know now!

It’s impossible to mirror your marketing efforts to reflect all these numbers, but at least you’ll know where to begin.

I’d like you to check out the recommended resources below to know more about email marketing. You could also TALK TO US for more information.

Recommended Email Marketing Resources

So what do you think about these statistics? Are you ready to conquer the email marketing world next year?

Leave a comment below and let’s discuss.

Also, we would love it if you think this article is worth sharing.

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