When you go out of you way

You know that moment when people ask you to do something so you do it? So, I have been asked by at least 6–7 people to do something, a favor, a task, check on something. I have a tendency to almost never say no. Why? I don’t know honestly maybe I should say no more.

I almost always deliver and with in a short time frame. Hardly anyone thanks me or pays me back but I don’t mind. If you’re a friend I would do it just because that is my nature. I don’t know where I’m going with this and I don’t care any more. Maybe I’m pmsing like girls do that would explain my mood the past few days. I just want the people on the other end come through.

If I deliver on my end you need to deliver on yours or I’m not going to put my self out there for any of you any more. I don’t want to do half the things all of you ask in the first place so show some respect.

Sometimes I swear I hate people…..not really but I just feel like I do.

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