St Monica Kelapa Gading Sunter 2019 English Awareness Day Celebration

Along with the Leadership Program that is always held by the Saint Monica School Jakarta every year, then at the beginning of 2019, Saint Monica Kelapa Gading will also hold the 2019 English Awareness Day event. The event which is specifically designed as the school’s annual agenda is held on Thursday, January 31 2019 ago at Saint Monica Kelapa Gading and Sunter.

In accordance with the name of the program, at this event, students were invited to demonstrate their ability to speak English. The purpose of the English Awareness Day is to train students to get used to speaking English fluently, and to increase the confidence and courage of students to appear in public.

Ms. Kristina Cynthia, B.Bus. M.Sc as Director of Studies St. Monica Kelapa Gading said, “We hold this English Awareness Day every year as part of our Leadership Program. The aim of this program is to train children so they can speak English fluently and have confidence in front of so many people. “

In accordance with its objectives, the event was designed like a competition so that students were able to show their talents and abilities in English, while training their confidence in public. The series of competitions that are held are spelling bee, poetry (poem recitation), singing (singing), storytelling (story telling), and various performances.

“There are four competitions designed in this event, namely singing (singing), poetry (poem), spelling words (spelling bee), and storytelling (story telling). Beyond that, there are also various performances performed by students. With all this series of activities, each student is expected to be able to demonstrate his abilities, both in English and their other talents, “concluded the Director of Studies St. Monica Kelapa Gading and Sunter, Ms. Kristina Cynthia, B.Bus. M.Sc.

The following are some photos of the English Awareness Day St. event. Monica Kelapa Gading.

St Monica Kelapa Gading