Introduction to War on Drugs in Philippines

The infamous president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, promised to kill thousands of criminals, as well as corrupt government officials and urged people to execute drug addicts who uses illegal drugs that are prohibited.My plans towards my academic blog is to share information about his plans and why does he chose to do continue his violent methods and come to a conclusion on whether he’s going to make the country safe or make it worse.

Duterte does not only consider to execute, incarcerate or expose drug addicts but also corrupt officials including government officials and even police officers. What surprises me about this big issue is that the people who voted and agreed to his plans about executing drug addicts and cleansing the whole government to remove corrupt officials now oppose against him. According to an article written by, Felipe Villamor, “President Rodrigo Duterte of Philippines Criticized Over Martial Law Warning”, “More than 6,000 killings across the Philippines have been linked to the anti drug campaign that began after Mr. Duterte took office in june. About 2,200 of those happened in encounters with the police according to the Philippines National Police” (Villamor). It has only been 8 months since Duterte took office and thousands of people have been executed. Who knows how many death counts will be counting at the end of his presidential year.

I was interested to talk about this topic because when I used to live back in my country, I had no worries about going late at night and having fun with my friends. Former Presidents were only known for their corruptions and barely pay attention towards issues about illegal drugs. Therefore, there would be a quite amount of people seeing dead bodies across their streets. This issue should be known across the globe because of how drug suspects do not get a proper justice instead they are killed right when they are spotted by the secret police. However, some people would still support duterte’s drug war. According to Patrick Symmes, “President Duterte’s List”, “Family members of the drug war’s casualties on several occasions told me they supported Duterte’s violence, even as they insisted their sons and daughters were targeted accurately”. This two opposite sides between people who supports his killings and people who opposed to it makes me want to research more about whether is he’s actually doing the right thing or not.

When I first heard about his plans about cleansing the society which is clearing all the illegal drug users, suppliers and corrupt officials. I thought to myself that this is the president that I want to have. We are taught to view illegal drugs as a flaw to society because of how harmful it could cause to our mental health, I quickly did not hesitate but to admire this person who would do decides to step up over the corrupt officials and start removing them.

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