Dinner Lab Chef and Venue Tools

As a bi-product of Dinner Lab’s core event business, we have developed a large database of chefs and venues. Each Dinner Lab event features a unique location with an up and coming chef. With the multitude of events we have hosted across the country, our access to culinary talent and interesting or unlisted venues is unparalleled. As a business vertical, we wanted to develop an online platform to showcase these chefs and venues, allowing members to book independently of our core events.

Role: Lead Product & Visual Designer

The Problem

Currently, it is very difficult to book event venues and chefs independent of professional event planners. This makes planning your own event cost prohibitive in most cases. In addition, finding and contacting chefs directly has always been a challenge. Chefs work do not tend to promote themselves even though most would be interested in working with private clients for events. There is not a good way for people hosting events to connect with the perfect chef at a reasonable rate. Dinner Lab wanted to solve this problem by taking out the middle man and allowing users to easily and quickly browse a large pool of chefs. Our chefs range in background from high end chefs (at El Bulli, Per Se, and Eleven Madison Park) to pop ups owners, to successful and passionate home cooks. Our chef search tool allows you to filter down our chefs to find the perfect match for your event.

Internal Tools

In addition to the client facing tools, these databases are used daily by the event curation and sakes teams when working on Dinner Lab’s core events. Internal teams needed sophisticated search functionality to find venues and chefs to meet specific event requirements. In addition, all of this data needed to be synced and accessible through SalesForce. The sales team required the ability to search and add venue and chefs through this software in order to seamlessly integrate into their existing workflow. It was important that we fit their needs in order to increase productivity and event sales.

Extensive Reviews

Because Dinner Lab has previously held events with these chefs in the venues, these listings already vetted by our team and have a minimum of 120 reviews from the event attendees. These reviews help to build confidence in our clients and give credibility to our chefs and venues from day one.