“It’s small but great! It really is”

Where are you at the moment? In your room, not knowing what to do with your life so you started searching the web. Or maybe you are at school, on your phone because that lecture is just not interesting at all. Wherever you are, don’t you just wish you were somewhere else? Don’t you just want to go on a yearlong holiday and not have to worry about any of your responsibilities?

I feel you; so let’s imagine this. From whatever place you are right now, let’s zoom out. So far out, that you can see the whole globe. Did you also just have a slight nostalgic throwback to Google Earth? Anyways, you might have to spin a bit to the left or right, just make sure you can see Europe. Do you see it? Now, let’s zoom in again until you see the Netherlands. Yes, I know it’s tiny. But it is a great country.

Are you still visualising the situation? Good, because it might get a bit more complicated and I need your creative brain for this part. Right now we see a three-story house that’s built on the bottom of a dyke. In the water, there is a sluice and at this moment there are 2 people operating the sluice to let two boats go through. One of whose is granddad Wout. A young blond girl is standing next to him, helping out with the operation of the sluice.

“Time for lunch”, her granddad says. Together they walk back to the house. The young girl runs to the door, takes off her shoes and sits down at the table. “You want some milk, my dear?” She doesn’t have to think very long. She loves milk. “Yes”, she replies. A sandwich is laid down on her plate. What do you think she will take as a topping? Did you guess Nutella? Nope, you are incorrect. She is having cheese. Her granddad makes the slices just a tiny bit thicker than how she gets them at home. That’s what granddads do; they spoil their grandchildren every now and then.

Let’s fast-forward a bit in time. It is 3:30 pm, which means time for a drink and a snack. She asks for a ‘stroopwafel’. This is a special cookie from the city she lives in. Let me try to explain to you what it looks and tastes like. Imagine two round waffle-like cookies with a diamond shape texture. In the middle, the two cookies are filled with this very sweet caramel-like syrup. It tastes absolutely amazing. The crunchy cookie goes perfectly together with the soft syrup. And as mentioned before, they’re called: ‘stroopwafels’ Literally translated to, Syrup waffles. The girl finishes it in no time and goes back to playing with her toys. What an awesome day at granddads’ house.

Back to reality. If you hadn’t figured it out by now, the young girl is actually me, back in the days. Nowadays I don’t have the time to help out at a sluice since I’m studying Tourism and Management at the Inholland University of Amsterdam. While learning all the in’s and out’s of tourism, my eagerness to travel rises every day.

My blog won’t just be a regular travel blog. I will tell you all about my amazing travel experiences. But before I can tell you about them, you need to know things about me. Expect a post every week covering my city, my trips and me.

If you would ask me what my hobbies are, I for sure wouldn’t answer back with: “oh, I live for writing blogs!” I would a 100% say, Scuba diving. During the weekends, you can find me underwater. I’m a little obsessed with the underwater world. I can’t help it; it’s just so amazing.

Photography and videography I do underwater as well as above it. Therefore, expect the use of sufficient amounts of pictures in the coming posts; to illustrate the beauty of this city.

A third one, travelling. I love to travel and to discover new destinations. Travelling mostly attracts me because you get to see so many interesting places. To name a few I’ve visited: New York, The Bahamas, and Tanzania. All of them were special in their own way.

So stick around for the next post where you’ll find out which beautiful, small and historic city I’m referring to. Do you have any guesses yet? Let me know in the comment section.

Tada, you made it to the final part of this post. Thank you, for still being here! It means that you are interested in getting to know a lot more about that small, beautiful and historical city. Also, that I wrote a somewhat interesting introduction to my blog. If on the basis of this introduction, or any other blog posts in the future you have any questions, just leave a comment.

I absolutely love having you here. Oh, and I can’t wait to tell you much more about this city I live in and get to enjoy living in every day. I’ll get back to you the next week when we talk about… Nope, I ain’t telling you yet.