Moving beyond Agile

Andy Budd asks, Are we moving towards a post-Agile age?

Perhaps we’re moving towards a post-Agile world? A world that is informed by the spirit of Agile, but has much more flexibility and nuance built in.
This post-Agile world draws upon the best elements of Agile, while ditching the dogma. It also draws upon the best elements of Design Thinking and even — God forbid — the dreaded Waterfall process.
People working in a post-Agile way don’t care which canon an idea comes from, as long as it works. The post-Agile practitioner cherrypicks from the best tools available, rather than sticking with a rigid framework. Post-Agile is less of a philosophy and more of a toolkit that has been built up over years of practice.

This is certainly true for how our team works as well. We took the parts we like about Agile (like autonomous teams, flexible roadmaps, daily standups, small pieces of work), left out the parts we don’t like (like rigid sprints, long backlog grooming meetings), and then mixed in some spicy goodness from other methodologies (like deploying whenever a feature is ready). I’m sure strict Agile works for some teams — particularly in large organizations — but this approach works much better for us. It speeds us up and makes us all much happier human beings.

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