A Spell to Bind Donald Trump and All Those Who Abet Him: December 15th Mass Ritual

Respectfully, I think you all are missing the point. The energy level of this action is only about 400 out of 1000. Not very good. Not very high. We are here to become the ISNESS. The GOD force, not to control others who are not. That sets a pretty negative precedence all in the name of ‘what is good for all’, sounds yummy but it isn’t. Doing this type of magic means you are invading someone else’s beingness. Leave it to GOD. Not our job.

Out of your hearts you want to control what appears to be a very bad situation. I feel the same way. BUT…you really don’t know what you are messing with, how many people are affected by your actions, what the end result of those actions will be. Who gets to decide these things? YOU? ME? Noooooo…that is not the right use of our power. Perhaps there is a reason the madmen are in charge? Would you take that reason away? Perhaps we are the ones to be empowered and not through magic but through realizing our GODHOOD.

The reason, as I see it, that trump is where he is is because we, as a country, did not do what we should have been doing all along. Stop being so afraid of change and power and stand up for ourselves. If you remove trump and all his people…we loose that opportunity. As much as I dislike the trumpster this situation is teaching us how to get back on our individually powered horses and take back our sovereignty. Magic is not about taking back our power. Its about using power over someone else. Doesn’t make us strong at all. Keeps us in fantastical thinking. I spend my life removing these kinds of things from people and you have no idea how many generations are affected and how they affect people. I know it sounds cool….but we are not to use this kind of power on other people.

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