10 Essential Characteristics of a Good Smartphone

Smartphones have become a quintessential part of our existence so much so that if we need to switch it off for a few hours to get it charged, ‘the ideal way’, we feel paralysed. If analyzed and observed, we will realise that our lives run on smartphones. Right from setting the alarm for the morning workout session to carrying out all the daily chores of ordering the grocery, making payments online, managing personal and professional communication, and finally setting reminders for the next day, our smartphone does it all.

Tips to choose your next smartphone

The expectations from smartphones has undergone a considerable metamorphosis over the last few years owing to fact that it is no longer a feature loaded device for entertainment and communication. Enhanced battery life, durability, superior security features are some of the feature benchmarks that we must look into before burning that hole in our pockets. Also, in terms of operating system, you have to make a choice between Apple, Android and Windows. Take a dig at the worldwide market share of operating systems to get an idea of what might work for you.

From the above stats, Android emerges as a clear winner even though Apple lovers will vouch for the user experience. Android phones have innumerable advantages over iPhone on the grounds of flexible storage, battery replacement option, ease of charging with any micro USB cable, and huge customization options. Having said that one cannot deny the fact that iPhone will continue to have a niche market compared to Android phones. So, if you have made up your mind and if it’s not an Apple, the next best OS option is Android over Windows. When it comes to Android, you might as well explore the smartphone offering from the reputed brands in the likes of Samsung and Lenovo.

From the feature perspective, here are some of the 10 Best Features of Good Smartphone that you cannot ignore

1. Optimum Screen Size & Display- Smartphone is not just about a large screen that stands out in the crowd. Across different brands and price points, a good screen size comes in the range of 4 -5 inches. The smartphones within the screen size is comfortable to the eye, fits into the pocket and easy to carry. When it comes to display, 720p (HD) is the best resolution for the above mentioned screen size.

2. Sharp Memory and Processing power- With each passing year, the smartphone giants in the likes of Samsung are packing in additional memory and superior processors. As far as the processors are concerned, depending upon the budget, you have options to either go for dual-core, quad-core, and octa-core processors. When it comes to memory, the simple principle works- ‘more the better’.

3. Long Battery life-This is one of the most important features that determine the buying decision. A basic smartphone must have at least 2000mAh of battery life that amounts to 15 hrs of talk time.

4. Enhanced Storage- When it comes to Android, the storage capability can be increased via microSD card. Also, keep in mind how much storage you need because that would determine the cost as well.

5. Superior Design and Build- Do not fall for outrageous and jaw-dropping designs, because the one that is more functional borders on simple and elegant. On the other hand, if you love to flaunt and do not care about the weight of cases and screen guards, you can check out Samsung Galaxy Note III or HTC Butterfly.

6. Accessories- Most smartphones do come with a basis range of accessories like the ear phones, charger and screen covers. But if you are okay to take liberties with your own budget, you can go for smartphones that offer stylus pens and designer cases.

7. Smart Fingerprint sensor- Not all the smartphones have a fingerprint sensor which is indeed a coveted feature. Earlier it was only Apple, but now, its Vivo, Samsung, Xiaomi taking the lead.

8. Multiple Window option- The option to have multiple windows at the same time clearly is a game changer when it comes to deciding between Apple and Android as iPhone does not offer this feature.

9. Powerful Camera- Smartphones have replaced cameras no doubt and depending upon you need, you can explore the great range of Android phones with an expanded range of camera capabilities.

10.Near Field Communications- This feature enables smartphones to share information and is useful in online payments and storing important critical data that can get lost or destroyed in the mayhem of daily chores. This feature is important now that the country is going cashless and digital.

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