Samsung’s fresh arrival, ‘the Samsung Galaxy S8,’ was launched at the Samsung headquarters among much fanfare and excitement. The much-anticipated unveiling of the Galaxy S8 has added a new dimension to the mobile space.

As per D J Koh, the president of Mobile Communications Business at Samsung, “The device is a testament to redefining what’s possible in safety and marks a new milestone in Samsung’s smartphone legacy.”

Here are a few features of the smartphone that are worth the wait:

1. Infinity display: Known for having one of the best displays in the industry. Samsung has upped its game with the latest Samsung Galaxy S8. The display of the S8 runs almost to the full length of the smartphone. The company proudly refers to it as the “Infinity Display” and is true to its name. Samsung with this brand new feature has ushered a new era of infinity smartphones. The S8 also supports the latest video formats that have been limited to the televisions. This includes HDR format as well for a more accurate picture.

Moreover, since the display stretches nearly to the bottom of the smartphone, where a home button used to be. Samsung with its brand-new addition has employed a special technology that will allow the user to press into the display to return to home screen. This serves as the actual home button, returning users to the main screen whenever it is pressed.

2. Security and Biometrics: The Galaxy S8 has the Samsung Knox security platform alongside a combination of different biometric unlocking methods. The Samsung S8 has the fingerprint scanner which is located on the back panel, next to the camera — the devices also feature an Iris scanner and has facial recognition capabilities.

S8 also boasts of a secure folder, which can store all your sensitive information, and will be protected by an additional layer of security.

3. Bluetooth 5.0: The Galaxy S8 is one of the first smartphones to feature the Bluetooth 5.0 technology. With the new Bluetooth upgrade now one can connect to Smart Home devices, manage, and monitor them via a single app. In addition to all this, Samsung introduces its Bixby along with the new flagship Galaxy devices. The Bixby also gets a dedicated physical activation button on the side-panel of the device and can alternatively be activated by saying ‘Bixby’.

4. It’s waterproof: The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ both are water resistant to up to five meters under water for 30 minutes, more than enough protection for anyone who’s vulnerable to getting tossed in the pool this summer. Apart from this, the device is also dust resistant, which means your phone is safe from sand and dust. This could be beneficial if you are a beach bum or just happen to find yourself beached often.

5. Memory and Storage: Both the devices galaxy s8 and S8 plus come with 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage whith the option to be expanded up to 256GB via a micro SD card. Though the company mentions that these specifications might vary depending on the market.

6. Better Selfie Camera: Samsung S8 has made photo snapping a desirable experience. The Galaxy S8’s photo-snapping capabilities come from its front facing camera. The selfie camera now captures 8-megapixel photos with a f/1.7 lens and has autofocus capabilities. This could be a treat to all selfie lovers as their selfies could click much better with the new Samsung S8.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has managed to usher a new era in the mobile smartphone space.